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My baby Mickey Mouse Platy in my fish tank.

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My micky mouse fish give birth to 6 new babies today nd one she eat it so w..

To my surprise, the last pregnant Red Mickey Mouse Platy delivered 36 new-born fry today! I thought maybe today or tomorrow but I guess it was time. I still haven’t figured out assuming the date of delivery so my fish journal will help me on that too. The babies born without my attention, so I think a lot of them eaten by mommy fish, sad really. But still I have over 30 new-born fry today, so amazing!

Platy my mickey mouse platy birth - YouTube

Mickey Mouse Platy Fish and babies | Please excuse the water… | Flickr Scientifically known as Xiphophorus maculates, these orange and black platys also go by Mickey Mouse platy, southern platy and moonfish. Males of this species are significantly smaller than the females; males reaching up to 1 ½ inches and females 2 ½ inches. They begin to breed at a young age of only a few months old, and then never seem to stop. The female can produce a new batch of babies about every month. Like other platys, Mickey Mouse fish breed easily. The female only needs to mate with a male once to give birth for several months in a row.

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Mickey mouse fish -03/27/08 I have Mickey mousefishes. I tried to look up to see how many fish they have when they arepregnant. All I seen was - 18 to 20 at most. Well we had a mom that Iseen was close to having her babies. Put her in the birthing box,within 20 min.s. she was having babies. Left her in there for threehours. She had a whomping batch of 63 babies. Yikiessss..... We thenput them in there own tank, ( I call the nursery ). As far as I cantell we haven't lost any. My question is : We have other moms thatare pregnant, are they going to have that many babies each time ??

Hi, I Think I Have A Pregnant Mickey Mouse Platy