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Usually when treating fish illnesses I recommend antibiotics be used sparingly but in the case of septicemia, I strongly suggest starting with them. The bacteria in the blood can quickly overcome a fish and antibiotic treatment is usually the quickest and most effective method for treatment. Most aquarium antibiotics are designed to dissolve in the tank water where they are absorbed by the fish, but because this is an internal bacterial infection this type is often ineffective. I recommend a medicated fish food like Jungle Anti-Bacteria Medicated Fish Food. I have also successfully treated septicemia by soaking pellets in a concentrated mixture of Mardel’s Maracyn & Maracyn-Two. I chop up the amount I would use to treat the tank, add a few drops of water and soak a few pellets for 10 minutes. I then feed the fish and add the pre-measured mixture to the tank as directed. This method isn’t fool proof, for one, there is no way to measure exactly how much of the antibiotic they are consuming. All I can say is it worked well for my betta. Loss of appetite can commonly afflict fish with an infection so it’s important to medicate as soon as possible while the fish is still eating. If the fish will no longer eat, then the standard method of adding the antibiotic to the tank should be employed. Because the average hobbyist has no way of determining the type of bacteria that has infected the fish, I suggest a combination of wide spectrum antibiotics that treat both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Some effective medications include,

Aug 27, 2015 - This applies to ANY treatment for any ailment in your fish. -Betta medicine like Bettazing or an anti fungal is needed to treat your betta.

Ich or Ick is an uncomfortable disease and one of the most common among freshwater aquarium fish. Betta fish are also susceptible to ich, and ignoring treatment for too long can lead to death. Make sure you fully understand the diagnosis for Ich. Medicating a healthy fish can also have adverse consequences.

Betta is a very beautiful fish and so is it highly sensitive

Finally, as you need to act so quickly, make sure you have medicines for the various betta fish diseases before you notice anything wrong with them Bettas exhibit many signs of sickness, from lethargy to white spots. Any time you suspect a betta is sick, you should take it away from other fish, so that he doesn't pass his sickness on. Additionally, you may not be able to find medications for bettas in a pet store or even a fish store. If you can't, you can find them online.

Betta Fish Disease and Illness: Preventions, Causes, and Cures

Treating Velvet In Your Betta
-Make sure there is NO ACTIVATED CARBON in your filter. This helps keep your water stable for fish and ends up filtering out ANY medication you give your fish. This applies to ANY treatment for any ailment in your fish.
-Betta medicine like Bettazing or an anti fungal is needed to treat your betta. This is a similar product. Another anti fungal is .J is also recommended for beginners.

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