Marineland® 10 Gallon Half-Moon Desktop Aquarium

I have been to a few pet/fish stores and have looked around at what I can get for my $125 budget. I've noticed not a whole lot. I came across a 10 gallon Marineland half moon setup with heater and filter included. I got it because the price was right and I don't have much space in my condo. I am unsure if I should keep it or not. Has anyone heard of this aquarium? Is it worth keeping? Or should I return it and find something else?

10 Gallon Marineland Half Moon Aquarium - Duration: 2:50

Marineland® 10 Gallon Half-Moon Desktop Aquarium

Baby platy eating!! :
Update on my 10 gallon halfmoon fish tank. Got a cool sunken pirate ship as a decoration. I removed one of the plants and pushed the other ones in the corner, so there is enough space for the fish to swim around. I know my tank is already overstocked (has 13 fish right now - but a red one is always hiding in either the coral or its new hope the ship) I might add 1-2 more Neon Tetra's because I think they look awesome.

3 Neon Tetras
2 Rasbora Heteromorpha Danio (1 died, got stuck in the filter :( )
2 Redtailed Black Variatus
1 Yellow Guppy
1 Glowlight Tetra
1 Buenos Aires Tetra
1 Red Glass Barb
1 Gold Twin-barred Platy

1 Moss Ball

(NEW: Not in video)
2 Peppered Cory Catfish
2 Panda Cory Catifh
1 Oto Catfish

2-3 large fake plants on the left
1 medium sized fake grass-like plant on the right
1 giant coral centerpiece
1 medium sized sunken pirate ship
1 medium sized half dug in rock

Half Moon Glass Aquarium with LED Lighting Aquariums ..

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My aquarium in moon light/night light