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Although most of the attention in saltwater aquariums are given to live rock, corals, and the colorful fish, there are many marine plants available that can make a great addition to many saltwater aquariums. These would not typically include aquariums with fish that like to graze on algae but for many fish only systems including small reef systems and seahorse tanks they are a great addition and will help improve the water quality and reduce overall maintenance. Also, they can really be aquascaped just like any freshwater planted aquarium. You are only limited by your imagination and motivation!

Glossary of aquatic science terms used in ichthyology and aquarium circles for freshwater and marine animals, corals and plants

Sea grasses are also sometimes found available for the saltwater aquarium. Sea grasses are a productive group of marine plants found in the ocean, forming extensive meadows in shallow, nutrient-rich environments that occur in tropical and sub-tropical waters worldwide. Sea grasses provide shelter and habitat for juvenile fish and invertebrates, and effectively filter near-shore habitats of nutrients, creating an oxygen rich environment. They are also an important component of the coral reef by filtering and buffering the flow of water and trapping sediments before they reach delicate corals. They will require deep sand beds as their root systems are extensive and demand for organic nutrients high so a base of aquarium soil would be beneficial.

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Saltwater aquarium refugium , marine plants, algaes, nitrate reduction - algae for a marine walstad tank? Increased environmental awareness, and the push to find a new challenge or dimension to freshwater aquarists has rejuvenated the interest in keeping live plants in the aquarium. Commonly referred to as “Dutch Aquarium", this European concept is beginning to catch on in the U.S. For years, Europeans have kept indoor “water gardens” (aquariums) loaded with live plants, and displaying only a few fish to accent their garden. This approach is opposite from the traditional fish keeper who considered fish the primary attraction in the aquarium. It can be argued that a true fish keeper would be hard pressed to create a biologically-balanced ecosystem more beautiful than one that is well planted with live vegetation.

Marine Reef Aquariums: Fish, invertebrates, corals, and live rock

Similar advances in technology and propagation, which have made the marine aquarium hobby easier, have also been developed for the live plant aquarist. With such innovation making live plant care easier today, the hobbyist must still have the proper understanding and equipment to be successful. Common ground for any aquarists is to keep a watchful eye on aquarium water conditions, feeding, lighting, and the growth and death of the animals and plants.

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