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Of all the lighting options available to aquarists, LED aquarium lighting is becoming one of the more popular choices for both marine, reef and freshwater hobbyists. Aquarium LED lighting was initially used only as moon lights for reef aquariums, but LED aquarium lights have since grown into much more. Now you can find aquarium LED lights for reef tanks that put out as much PAR as a metal halide system, but without the additional heat and high electric bill.

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Current USA Orbit Marine LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System features a sleek, aluminum housing with adjustable docking mounts to accommodate a wide variety of aquarium sizes. Use multiple light fixtures based on your reef illumination needs.

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Touch Aquarium Lid LED Light Fish Tank Aquatic Plants Lamp 100-240V Marine Aquarium Lighting LED Lighting has become very popular in the marine aquarium. The best LED lights for growing coral have higher wattage and improved functionality over cheaper LED fixtures. LED technology improved significantly over the last decade, 2017 has some great LED options for the coral hobbyist.

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This may be the number one factor on your list when searching for LED lighting for your aquarium. Try not to just look at the dollar sign per system but break it down by the cost per LED. This way, you can use the formula to compare different setups and know exactly where your money is going. This will also help you see where the fixture ranks in value compared to the other products on the market.

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Orbit Marine LED - 24 hour saltwater reef aquarium light with wireless remote controlled effects

Right from the start, there's a lot to love about the Orbit Marine. It's simple, yet fully controllable. Thin and sleek, yet powerful and bright. It can do things you never thought an aquarium light could do - all programmed from the comfort of your couch.

By combining the industry's first Dual Daylight and Dual Actinic LED spectrums with our innovative Ramp Timer Pro™ LED controller, Current USA offers a complete 24 hour aquarium lighting solution. Now you can simulate a gradual sunrise, sunset and customized moonlight like never before. Designed specifically for saltwater aquarium environments, the Orbit Marine is the perfect choice for marine aquarists at any level.

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Featuring control and dynamic lighting aspects you'll have to see to believe, there is almost no limit to what you can do. The Orbit Marine includes our powerful Ramp Timer Pro LED controller with wireless IR (infrared) remote, providing two independent light channels to program:If you have not heard about the benefits of using LED lighting for you aquarium then you are definitely in the right place. LED lighting is becoming one of the most popular choices for aquarium hobbyists. Aquarium LED lighting can be used in marine, reef and freshwater aquariums.