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Many aquarists view themselves as stewards of the marine life in their aquariums. Not only is it fun building a reef, we feel a responsibility to properly care for the fish, corals and other invertebrates that live in our home. Proper care means having a plan to maintain the aquarium health, and the best way to do that is with a simple reef aquarium maintenance schedule. You’ve heard the old saying Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. It’s no different with our aquariums. I’ve outlined a basic maintenance schedule that takes you through a new marine tank start-up, all the way to managing a mature reef aquarium.

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6. Market your aquarium maintenance business. Create fliers with a list of your services. Describe how you clean aquariums and what you do to ensure fish health. Design professional-looking fliers that distinguish you from competitors. If you are an expert in tropical fish, say so; if you create artful tanks, mention it. Include contact information such as phone numbers, email address and website address, if you have one. Post fliers on local bulletin boards, place ads in online and print versions of local newspapers and start a fan page on a social networking site to get the word out locally. Visit local businesses, such as doctors’ offices and restaurants, in person to offer your services, particularly if you’re in the business of setting up tanks. Drop off a flier or business card at each place you visit.

It's no different with our aquariums

The beauty and intrigue of saltwater fish draws many people into the hobby One of the first decisions that you need to make when engaging in fishkeeping is whether or not you want a or one of several types of . Saltwater tanks, or marine aquariums as they are also called, require different handling than the freshwater tanks. For one thing, a saltwater aquarium needs more equipment than systems for freshwater aquariums, to maintain the salinity and other qualities of the water for the marine environment. Additionally, the types of fish and other aquatic animals in a saltwater tank require greater aquarium maintenance.

The experts of Aquatech can help you make these choices, and can provide you with all the necessary equipment you will need for your beautiful saltwater aquarium. You can rely on our expertise in setting up a saltwater aquarium, and selecting the appropriate fish and plants and other inhabitants of the tank. We can also either coach you on the regular steps needed in handling the maintenance or provide that service on a contract basis.

inspection of equipment is while I'm feeding my fish and corals.

While freshwater fans certainly have choices about what swimmers to add to their tank, the amount of options available for live saltwater fish enthusiasts can seem as vast as the open sea itself. With their natural vibrancy and flowing veil fins, saltwater fish are an obvious choice for aquatic pet parents who want to showcase their marine centerpiece. While they are a sight to behold in your tank, saltwater aquarium fish do require a degree of maintenance that goes a bit deeper than their freshwater cousins. Many marine fish, for example, are more demanding of specific environment parameters and habitats as they are not used to the fluctuating temperatures freshwater swimmers experience, and so require additional equipment for their tanks. Some live saltwater fish also take some time to get used to a diet of man-made flakes, pellets, and other aquarium foods because they are not generally raised in captivity. It’s important for budding aquarists to keep these in mind before filling their tanks with marine fish.

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