Marine Reef LED Aquarium Light with 24-hr Wireless Control

Aquarium manufacturers are shifting to LED lighting systems because of consumer demand for low energy usage. As a result, LED lighting systems are becoming standard equipment with entry level aquarium kits and an ever increasing selection of aftermarket strip lights. With the exception of a few, these LED systems contain ‘fixed lighting’ which does not allow the consumer to make any changes to the bulbs or color output. Basically, the LED’s only do a nice job of providing a pleasing aquatic effect. But those aquarists desiring to grow aquatic plants for example, face a dilemma. Unless the LED lighting is plant specific, the hobbyist can only grow what will survive in the absence of lighting required for freshwater plant photosynthesis. Oftentimes, they are forced to supplement LED lighting with a cumbersome array of lighting systems over their tank to create the spectrum and intensity needed for sensitive plants. Enter modular lighting.

The Current USA Fixture Orbit Marine Pro LED Light can upgrade your saltwater aquarium and keep it looking great even over time.

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The Euphotica LED aquarium light is designed for marine fish tanks and reef aquariums containing corals. These are the possible reason as to why you should be having none other than LED lighting at your place to save your fishes and your precious corals from harm. There are a lot of other mediums available in the market that is used to light up your precious aquariums but you need to make sure that you use something that is not harmful for your fishes.

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When you are taking a lot of interest in observing the marine ecosystem it becomes extremely important for you to maintain it such that it looks like the best aquarium of the world. LED lights have been of primal importance and it plays a key role as to how good your aquarium looks.

Modular LED Lighting For Freshwater And Marine Aquariums

By combining the industry’s first Dual Daylight and Dual Actinic LED spectrums with our innovative Ramp Timer Pro™ LED controller, Current USA offers a complete 24 hour aquarium lighting solution. Now you can simulate a gradual sunrise, sunset and customized moonlight like never before. Designed specifically for saltwater aquarium environments, the Orbit Marine is the perfect choice for marine aquarists at any level.Central Aquatics who makes the Aqueon brand sells a modular light that is immediately ready for use with its supplied Day White single bulb. Two additional bulbs can easily be added to the lighting strip. I purchased one of their modular systems at a local pet shop and discovered it to be very easy to use. I contacted the manufacturer and was informed that the supplied Day White bulb is for fish-only tanks. They added that another type of bulb for this system called ColorMax, will enhance fish colors and is capable of growing low light aquatic plants. The manufacturer further informed that by the time this article is published, a new BlueMax bulb in the 450 nanometer (nm) range will join their product line-up. Blue light adds a shimmering effect to any tank and aids in photosynthesis. But it is in reef tanks that a 450nm bulb displays its ability by making corals glow with a beautiful fluorescence. The BlueMax module can be mixed with the Day White or ColorMax bulbs thus creating a modular LED. Changing or adding additional bulbs couldn’t be easier. The LED’s come enclosed in a clear cylinder outfitted with plastic ends that simply snap into the lighting fixture. The end of each bulb has a water resistant connector that slips into a protective rubber sleeve. The maximum PAR for this three-light, modular system is between 100-150, which is extremely low. These lights are perfect for the hobbyist who just wants to have a nice looking, low-technical aquarium. Those desiring to keep exotic aquatic plants or light sensitive marine life should consider more powerful options.