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An alternative treatment that we are currently experimenting with, so I admit some skepticism (but I have found few reliable reviews) is a product called “No More Sick Fish”. This product is quite pricey, but also requires small treatment doses. Some tests do confirm relative safety to corals such as Xenia.
Another aspect I am skeptical of is that the company will not release the ingredient list, which most reputable companies such as SeaChem will.
At this point in time I would only say to use at your own risk, as although it does seem to test out safe for many invertebrates, its effectiveness for Cryptocaryon (Marine Ich) is still questionable until all controlled tests are finished.

One product may not treat all the fishes' problems, but all of the Mardel products ..

IMARPE provides the scientific foundation for fisheries management in Peru, which is implemented by PRODUCE . IMARPE struggles between scientific and political considerations for its recommendations due to its relationship with PRODUCE (e.g. IMARPE’s Chairman of the Board is a political, rather than technical, position) .

Fritz Aquatics Mardel Herbal Treatments Parashield: Bio-adhesive ..

I have used product Quick Cure which is found at many fish stores and walmart A relatively new product that contains Naphthoquinones is Kordon Herbal Ich Attack & Rid Fungus.
This product stops infectious and external parasitic invasions from getting started and in turn prevents many secondary infections.
As well Herbal Ich Attack (aka Rid Fungus) attacks fungi in fresh water that include the species of Saprolegnia, Achlya, Leptomitus, Pythium, as well as marine (saltwater) Exophiala.

Ich-Attack is effective against protozoan parasites on fishes while safe for most aquatic invertebrates, whether fresh or brackish water, or marine.
These comprise dozens of genera and species of fish-infecting species in fresh and salt water, each kind with distinctive characteristics in their infections.
The groups include "white spot disease" and other ciliates (Ichthyophthirius in fresh water, and Cryptocaryon, Brooklynella, Trichodina in marine), and "sporozoan parasites" for which many infectors of aquarium fish are marine.

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Dinoflagellate infections treated by Ich-Attack are photosynthetic single-celled organisms which include Oodinium (velvet disease), Amyloodinium (coral fish disease), Tetrahymena, as well as other infectious dinoflagellates.

Kordon Herbal Ich-Attack (aka Rid-Fungus) is especially suitable for tropical marine aquariums containing aquatic invertebrates, it also treats their fungal infections, .

Herbal Ich-Attack was led/created by Dr. Michael Tierra (a well known herbalist whose books on natural botanical treatments are widely read) whose work to determine which herbals can be used together to cover a wide spectrum of external fungal and other aquatic diseases.

*As with Usnea, well controlled in depth tests of products containing Naphthoquinones such as Herbal Ich Attack have not been performed that I know of as of writing this update, however albeit somewhat anecdotal feedback from reliable aquarium maintenance professionals shows positive results, although these results also showed this treatment to not be as effective as similar chemical treatments such as SeaChem ParaGuard.

This feedback from these professionals has this product used with shrimp, snails, & crabs, for both fungus and Ich but 100% safety has not been confirmed with delicate corals or octopi.

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