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Silicone can be found in almost any fish store and is usually available in clear or black. Sealants designed for aquariums are safe for fish and aquarium tankmates when fully cured, but stay away from other sealants like those used for bathroom or hardware applications. You can use sealants to make caves from pieces of rock or rubble, glue shells, stones or other decorations together, or even to cover things like PVC or plastic “caves” with substrate or rocks to form a more natural-looking hideaway. Note: The tank in these photos has a custom background created by arranging and attaching layered slate with black silicone. The effect of the rock wall is rather permanent, but impressive as it adds dimension. This background was applied before the tank was set-up.

A noob-friendly guide about fish tank decorations. Check out our thorough guide to decorating your aquarium and make it the best looking unit in town.

What type of fish do you plan to raise? This is important to consider before you bring them home and , since the color of your decorations will either compliment or clash with your fish. A tank with many clear or light-colored fish could benefit from a dark gravel like black to make the fish pop out while colorful fish look super swimming over white gravel. When it comes to plants, the same contrast rules apply. Some fish like to hang out around plants for safety, making a mix of a few different colors a nice option for them. Also, don't be afraid of just using green plants. If the tank is stocked with bright fish, simple green plants look great.

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May 18, 2011 - Aquarium decorations make fish tanks look attractive because they add details and color to the plain glass container. aquarium ornaments large
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Aquarium decorations make fish tanks look attractive because they add details and color to the plain glass container. When the decorations sit in the fish tank, they can become dirty and covered with algae. Algae appear green in color and can make your fish tank look unattractive. The fish tank decorations need cleaned carefully to protect the health of your fish or sea creatures. Improper cleaning or the addition of chemicals to the water can cause the fish to become ill or even die.

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