Mag Float magnetic glass or acrylic aquarium cleaners

I had an acrylic betta fish aquarium that was 5 gallons in capacity that I thought could use some scrubbing. The Float-25A aquarium scrubber by Mag-Float seemed the perfect size and shape for the task at hand. After taking the betta tank floating scrubber out of the packaging, you take a scrubber piece in each hand and place one piece inside the tank and the other outside of it, sandwiching the glass in between the both. When you let go of the side that’s inside the tank, the scrubber piece that’s on the outside of the tank keeps a firm magnetic grip holding the other side in place. Taking the pieces outside of the betta tank in hand, you gently and slowly start moving the aquarium scrubber as you would a computer mouse. The floating scrubber on the inside the betta tank slowly follows the path and “scrubs” the algae and other residue that would be otherwise stuck inside of your aquarium. The movement can be a little jerky at sometimes. As long as you keep the movements slow and even, the scrubber on the inside of the aquarium does an amazingly efficient job at helping clean your tank.

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Both magnets exert powerful attraction to ensure a tight, secure grip. The inner magnet features a non-abrasive cleaning pad that will not scratch or damage the glass. Safe for fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Note: Use on glass aquariums only.

Mag Float magnetic cleaners for glass aquariums or acrylic aquariums.

Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Algae Scraper Cleaner Floating Clean Brush

The Piranha Float will make algae cleaning quick and easy. With its large 4" x 2" cleaning area and extra strong magnets it will zip through the toughest of algae. Its floating inner assembly will float to the surface if disengaged for easy retrieval.

This cleaning magnet is for glass and acrylic aquariums 1/4" and 3/8" thick.

Glass Aquariums
30, 45, 50, 55, 75, 90 and 125 gallons
Acrylic Aquariums
36" long and 20" high

The Standard Flipper Aquarium magnetised glass cleaner

Algae magnets work great with acrylic and glass aquariums that have square corners and flat sides; if your aquarium is curved or rounded, these magnets aren't the best option for ridding the walls of algae. The magnet has two parts; one goes on the outside of the aquarium and the other part goes on the inside. The magnet affixed to the inside wall has a cleaning pad; when you move the outside magnet, the cleaning pad attached to the inside magnet cleans off the aquarium wall. The outside magnet has a felt pad so the outside wall doesn't get scratched. You can purchase aquarium magnets at your local pet store or online.

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