Mag Float 350 Magnetic Cleaner for Glass Aquariums - Up to 350 gal.

There are bunches and bunches of these types of magnetic aquarium cleaners on the market, all of them operating under the same idea. You have the scrubbing surface on the inside that’s sandwiched in between two plastic handles held together by magnets. Operation is simple enough as all you have to do is stick one of the magnetic scrubbers on one side of the aquarium, and the other is stuck on the opposite side of the aquarium wall. The glass aquarium wall is then sandwiched in between these two plastic handles. You can let go of one of the handles and, as long as you position the other handle directly opposite the first, they will stay put and not fall down to the bottom of the aquarium. As you drag one of the handles across the aquarium wall, the other follows magically because of the magnetic attraction built into the handles.

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The Piranha Float will make algae cleaning quick and easy. With its large 4" x 2" cleaning area and extra strong magnets it will zip through the toughest of algae. Its floating inner assembly will float to the surface if disengaged for easy retrieval.

This cleaning magnet is for glass and acrylic aquariums 1/4" and 3/8" thick.

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Small Pet Magasin Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner - Aquatic Algae Cleaning Magnet
If you are at all a fan of the magnetic aquarium glass cleaner and scraper, then you are going to love the . At first we were confused as to how the Fl!pper was on the market with such a similar design as the Mag-Flip, be we eventually learned that the Fl!pper is made by the owners of the flipping aquarium magnet scraper, and where at first this invention was licensed by the makers of the Mag-Float to make the Mag-Flip, that device will no longer be made and now it’s all about the Fl!pper. The Fl!pper shares a very similar design with the Mag-Flip but subtle new tweaks to the Fl!pper will make this magnetic aquarium glass scraper more attractive for even more aquarium owners.

magnetic aquarium glass cleaner - aquatic algae ..

Both magnets exert powerful attraction to ensure a tight, secure grip. The inner magnet features a non-abrasive cleaning pad that will not scratch or damage the glass. Safe for fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Note: Use on glass aquariums only.

Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner - Aquatic Algae Cleaning ..

Mag Float is the brand name for a type of aquarium cleaning device that consists of two magnetic sides. One side is coarse and goes on the inside of the tank, the other side is soft and goes on the outside. Once the magnets have attached, you can move the aquarium cleaner around the glass to scrub off algae.Everybody has his own technique for the cleaning the front glass of his aquarium. Some prefer new algae magnet cleaners while others stick to plastic scrapers. However, if you want everything easier and prefer to stay dry during cleaning your fish tank, an algae magnet cleaner is the solution.