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While pellets and flakes may make adequate meals for some aquarium fish, for those with meatier preferences they just don't cut it. Carnivorous aquarium fish including discus, bettas, eels and most community fish require higher amounts of protein than other fish and thrive off of small, edible invertebrates such as bloodworms, krill and brine shrimp. These foods are freeze dried to preserve the natural flavor, as well as all of the benefits of live food.

Pet Mountain's Carnivore Food store features top quality foods from the most trusted names in the aquarium industry, including Hikari, Tetra, Ocean Nutrition and the San Francisco Bay Brand. These carnivore foods make up ideal daily diet solutions for all types of carnivorous fish, particularly tropical and marine carnivores. (also known as red mosquito larvae) are a very popular single ingredient food and are irresistible to freshwater fish. are an excellent daily diet for your aquatic pet offering higher protein levels. Enriched with multi-vitamins to reduce stress and stress related illness, this food offers all the benefits of live blood worms, free of parasites or harmful bacteria. consists of whole, freeze dried jumbo shrimp that serve as an excellent source of protein, fat, Vitamin E and roughage for all large, carnivorous tropical and marine fish.

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These are some of the live food critters I culture to feed to my tropical fish

The reasons to obtain live food for your freshwater aquarium are many. Fish do not eat processed food in the wild; most hunt for a living. Eating other creatures is natural for them, so if you want to see your fish behave as they might in the wild, give them live food. In captivity, some tropical fish will not breed unless they are given live food. In fact, some fish won't even eat food unless it is alive. It's just a requirement to elicit a feeding response in those fish (example: , the Pike Livebearer).

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Culturing live food for tropical fish in the garden. Water - fleas louse and shrimp. Fish Food: Daphnia - Daphnia are a superb live food for aquarium fish. By Skip Johnsen. Daphnia isn't usually offered tropical fish shops but it can be grown at home

Live Foods - The Best Natural Food for Fish

We try to get people to feed more live foods just because we know that theyre better for fish, said Travis Cooper, manager at The Wet Spot Tropical Fish in Portland, Ore. We explain to people the dietary benefit of feeding live foods versus frozen.

Live Food is the best food you can possibly feed to fish