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A typical household freshwater aquarium set-up, apart from its aquatic tenants, consists of furnishings such as a , live or plastic plants, rocks, driftwood, a or background, and other decorations. Other equipment includes a canopy or hood as an aquarium cover, an aquarium stand or base, lighting accessories, a heater, a thermometer, air pumps, apparatus, airstones, , a fish net, water conditioner, water quality testing kits, a hose or gravel cleaner, and a bucket for water changes.

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Many aquarium hobbyists love Oscars because they are unique among freshwater aquarium fish species. Oscars are a type of cichlid and they grow large – up to 18 inches long. Not only are Oscars beautiful, but they have a lot of personality; many aquarium hobbyists describe them as dogs in the body of a fish because they beg for food and seek attention from their owners. Although Oscars make wonderful pets, they do present some inherent challenges. The biggest obstacle with Oscars is keeping them from destroying your live plants.

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Aquatic Plants for Freshwater Aquariums: Oriental Sword - Live Aquaria Many new hobbyists transition from keeping freshwater fish to a planted aquarium. This is often inspired by the fantastic planted aquarium images available, as well as the aim of keeping live plants that look more impressive than plastic plants and keep the aquarium healthier. Indeed, live plants benefit the aquarium by providing more natural refuges (and even food) for fish and fry, oxygenating the water by day, absorbing excess nutrients, and/or releasing allelochemical defenses that may, to some extent, control algae.

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The majority of freshwater community aquarium fish have shown definite preference for live aquarium plants in countless scientific tests over the decades.

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First, I'll answer this important question - why are aquarium plants so important? Freshwater plants give your aquarium a nice, natural appearance as well as aid in water oxygenation. They also provide a habitat for small fish, baby fish and even invertebrates (which do, as do some fish, eat live plants.)Increased environmental awareness, and the push to find a new challenge or dimension to freshwater aquarists has rejuvenated the interest in keeping live plants in the aquarium. Commonly referred to as “Dutch Aquarium", this European concept is beginning to catch on in the U.S. For years, Europeans have kept indoor “water gardens” (aquariums) loaded with live plants, and displaying only a few fish to accent their garden. This approach is opposite from the traditional fish keeper who considered fish the primary attraction in the aquarium. It can be argued that a true fish keeper would be hard pressed to create a biologically-balanced ecosystem more beautiful than one that is well planted with live vegetation.