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Plants can carry disease, fungus and bacteria; infected ones will bring unwanted organisms with them into a new aquarium. Even when they come from a trusted source, you need to disinfect live plants to remove anything that could be dangerous for your fish before you add them to your tank. To disinfect an aquatic plant without killing it, soak it in potassium permanganate for 10 minutes and rinse it with conditioned aquarium water.

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I have 4 tanks, all with live plants, I don’t dose co2 in any form and more often than not forget to dose the fertilizers and all tanks are thriving! I generally clean the filters once a month or when the flow decreases and have a thriving shrimp colony in one tank. Live plants are definitely better than fake, they provide you with the peace of mind that if your filter does break down the tanks won’t crash. I do have T5s in 3 of the tanks but they show off the fish beautifully as well and the smallest tank has a clip on LED light and natural light. Things like Anubia sp, Crypt sp, Java fern and Java moss are great starter plants that are hardy, will accept a lot of abuse and just keep growing. I had a tank full of crypts in a dark corner with about an hour of natural bright light a day and no problems. I’m definitely pro live plants

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May 18, 2013 - Did you know that growing live plants in a betta fish tank is beneficial for many reasons But remember, the health of your fish will reflect the health of your plants, so live plants require you to take on the role of gardener as well as fish caretaker. And Goldfish in particular love to eat live aquarium plants, and since many beginners start with a goldfish tank, this combination can easily lead to frustration for the tank owner.

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So you have your aquarium, water and a betta fish swimming in all this open “space”. While some people really like a minimalistic design, betta fish don’t really dig it too much. There are really quite a few options you can explore in sprucing up your bettas tank with all sorts of aquatic furniture, but looking at live plants for your betta fish may actually be beneficial in the long term. For both you and your betta buddy.

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Certain fish species will make aquarium plant keeping a nightmare. For instance, really enjoy nibbling on live plants. Likewise, and will enjoy uprooting any aquarium plants you place in the tank. If you already have fish, do some research on your particular species before embarking on your live plant journey.Though Oscars and live plants do not tend to do well together, there are certain decorations that are recommended for an Oscar tank. Large, flat rocks and rock caves can be great additions to the Oscar tank because your fish will have a hard time moving such large objects. Slate is a particularly good choice for the Oscar tank because it is flat – this will provide your Oscars with a surface on which to spawn, if breeding is an interest of yours. Large pieces of driftwood can also be added to the tank to give it a natural appearance. When using large tank decorations, just be careful to position them so that they will not injure your fish if they fall over. You should also avoid sharp points or rough edges that could hurt your Oscars if they try to push them around.