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I remember when Joe Tess was primarily a bar with a small room on the west side used for the restaurant. And the quality of food has remained quite consistent over the years. It's fun to see how the menu has expanded with additional seafood and non-fish meals now. A friend and I went for lunch on a Friday. The sign said "Please wait to be seated", but the hostess looked up and said "Sit wherever you want to." Over the course of our experience, we had 2 different servers. The gentleman who took our orders was pleasant and seemed efficient, but when a different server delivered our meals, we didn't get what we had asked for. Somewhere along the line our "2 and 3-piece fish dinners' turned into a fish sandwich with a side of fries, and a 2-piece plate, with no potatoes. We asked for a correction and it was made. We had also asked for separate checks and were told "No problem", but we received one bill for both of us. The cashier separated things out for us. Food great...service, not so much; but in all fairness, having been a customer for at least 40 years, this was the first time for poor service. With odds like that, I'll be back!

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This new Japanese supermarket at Marina Square has its own in-house, live seafood market with fresh imports from Japan, US, Australia and Europe. Armed with 22 specially-designed water tanks that house over 20 variations of live fish and shellfish, chances are you will be able to find what you are looking for at .

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Incredible alive fish available big fish market Asulia, Savar Bazar, Dhaka Bangladesh. This cam works fine with refreshing stills (flash) mode. This is definitely a fresh fish market and no way an 'aquarium.' (Proper aquariums are for keeping live pet fish for display enjoyment only ... not for food.) :-)

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Start with the calamari and save room for the fresh catch at Chicago's Louisiana Live Fish Market — this Chicago seafood spot has quite the selection.

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Farm House Foods Live Fish Market in the Southgate USA Shopping Center is a full service fish and seafood market. Choose from our wide variety of whole, dressed or filleted fish and a full selection of shellfish. Hours of Operation

Joe Tess Place
Monday: Closed
Tuesday thru Thursday: 11am-9pm
Friday thru Saturday: 11am-10pm
Sunday: 12pm-8pm

Winter Closing Times Subject to Change Without Notice.

Joe Tess Live Fish Market
Tue. & Wed.: 10am-5pm
Thu. Fri. & Sat.: 9am-6pm
Closed Sun. & Mon.

In 2005, the , in cooperation with , and the , was awarded $56,500 by the Program to identify and expand market opportunities for fish and seafood products that are marketed live to the consumer. This project covers the entire Northeast Region of the USA. Clevelanders trust our market and we strive to continue those relationships with a knowledgeable staff and premium quality products. With fresh fish and shellfish from around the world to hand selected fresh cut steaks and other center of the plate favorites, we have all of your lunch and dinner needs covered.

Looking for the freshest seafood in town? Look no further. We carry 25+ fresh fish varieties in our seafood case daily, as well seasonal specialties and local favorites. We have shipments from around the world arriving to our warehouse everyday, all hand filleted and portioned in our state of the art processing facility. If there is something that you are looking for, but may not see in the case? Just ask us! We either have it in the back or will notify you when the product arrives on our trucks. Interested in custom cuts? Not a problem! We are known for our professional fillet masters who are willing to custom fillet or portion your favorite fish varieties on site.

Along with our fresh fish fillets, we carry a huge selection of shellfish! We have partnered with our suppliers, some since our beginning, to bring you the best quality products from around the world! We carry a large selection of shrimp, both domestic and imported, as well as live lobster and lobster tails. Thinking crab? We have king crab legs, snow crab and our own house label of SeaSational Imitation Crab products. Also in the seafood department, you can of course find a variety of oysters, mussels, clams and scallops!