Fancy goldfish live with tropical fish a long time

Yes, absolutely! Goldfish can’t live a normal life in small containers – they need their elbow room, too! Just as a person wouldn’t do well cramped up in a tiny closet their entire life, a goldfish won’t either. Most people are surprised when they learn for the first time how big goldfish can get. Fancy goldfish (the kind with the split or “double tail”) can easily reach 6 to 8 inches in length. INCHES.

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These fancy goldfish are considered “diggers” and will enjoy digging up any live plants you place inside the tank. Most goldfish will then eat the roots and nibble on the leaves. Goldfish are natural munchers so should not be a surprise to an experienced goldfish owner.

Live Fancy Chinese Goldfish - Red And White Ryukin (Short Tail).

Clown Oranda Live Fancy Goldfish Red White Jumbo Size 7.5'' 00140 | eBay. Fancy goldfish, in contrast, tend to be slow, ungainly, fat and not well equipped to compete for . Thus, if you mix them in the same aquarium, your feeders will get most of the food and grow rapidly, but your expensive fancy goldfish will barely get enough to stay alive. That’s the most important reason not to keep the two types together.

Can fancy goldfish live with comet goldfish

Feed your finned friends nutritious foods formulated for fancy goldfish. Oranda goldfish are hardy eaters and will devour a variety of flakes and pellets. By supplementing your pets' diet with live worms and shrimp, vegetable pellets and frozen or freeze dried foods, you will provide the nutrients they need to grow to their potential.


You can keep any type of fancy goldfish outside in a species-only pond during the summer if temperatures don’t regularly exceed ~85 °F/29 °C. Please don’t mix your fancies with single tailed goldfish or koi! If you live in an area where temperatures stay above freezing year-round, the fish can stay outside in an above ground or below ground pond the entire time.The Pearlscale Goldfish is easy to spot amongst other goldfish. She will be the only one dressed in pearls! Or, so her scales would have you believe! The Pearlscale Fancy Goldfish is the only goldfish type with bumpy white scales that give the illusion of being covered in pearls or other white beads. The Pearlscale is also a round-bodied goldfish which can make her resemble a golf ball (which is not as glamorous as being covered in pearls). These rounded beauties are quite valuable amongst goldfish enthusiasts and collectors alike. They are not only a beautiful and rare fish, but they are also hardy and can adapt to live in cooler temperatures.