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I have a 55-gallon aquarium with a 9-inch albino oscar and a few live aquatic plants. I do not know what types of plants they are, but they are very common in my local pet stores. Is it necessary for me to add CO to this aquarium? If so, I have heard of a method of making a homemade yeast system. How does this system work, and how would I set one up? The tank is equipped with a 32-watt bulb and a Whisper 300 air pump.
Robert DeSantis
Staten Island, N.Y.

Here you will find all the live aquarium plant fertilizers you need to keep your plants thriving.

If you decide to decorate your aquarium with live plants, please remember they require good lightning. In addition, make sure your live plants carry no harmful pests such as snails and parasites that can cause disease. If your plants start decaying, remove them as quickly as possible to prevent waste that is harmful to the fish.

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Elodea Densa Plant Live Aquarium Fish Tank Plant Egeria Goldfish Weed Oxygenator Many things have contributed to making aquatic gardening a successful hobby for so many people. One is the willingness of experts to share what they have learned through their diligent efforts over the years. Another is the improvement in fluorescent lighting, especially compact fluorescent tubes, which made it practical to fit enough light over our aquaria to grow aquatic plants well. A third is the realization of the usefulness of adding CO to the water. One of the things that plants need to live and grow, like all living things, is carbon. Plants get carbon almost exclusively from (CO). There is a lot of CO in the atmosphere (several hundred parts per million or ppm) and a little bit in water (just a few ppm). Some plants, like Vallisneria, can draw carbon from mineral compounds in the water called carbonates. Vallisneria is a genus that grows underwater. Most of the aquatic plants that aquatic gardeners like to grow naturally occur along creeks and river banks, and sometimes grow submerged only when waters run high. When immersed (leaves out of water), plants can get CO from the air where it is relatively plentiful. When submerged, only the CO that is dissolved in the water is available. If you boost the amount of CO in the water, just about any submerged plant will grow faster. In fact, adding CO can give nearly as much boost as increasing the lighting from relatively low to high lighting levels.

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But remember, the health of your fish will reflect the health of your plants, so live plants require you to take on the role of gardener as well as fish caretaker. And Goldfish in particular love to eat live aquarium plants, and since many beginners start with a goldfish tank, this combination can easily lead to frustration for the tank owner.

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