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Many cichlids are aggressive because of their natural environment -- the waters these fish live in are teeming with predators and competitors. As such, in their natural environment they are supremely territorial; this behavior carries into their aquarium environment. Territoriality and protection of their young or their mates are prime reasons for aggression within a cichlid community. This being said, it's definitely possible for you to keep several different species of more docile cichlids with angelfish cichlids.

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When raising baby angelfish, consider adding live plants to the aquarium. The live plants will help keep the water clear, hinder algae growth and add oxygen to the water. Live plants also absorb waste in the water, which helps keep the ammonia levels down. Keeping live plants with your angelfish fry will help keep the water balanced, which will increase your survival rate and the overall health of the baby fish. Broadleaf aquatic plants and Amazon sword plants are hardy plants that are perfect for angelfish aquariums.

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smokey angelfish | Blue Smokey and Blue Silver Angelfish Live Freshwater Aquarium Fish ... Emperor angelfish dwell in reef-associated areas at depths ranging from 1–100 m. Juveniles live alone and inhabit outer lagoon patch reefs or semi-protected exposed channels and reef flats. They tend to hang out at shrimp cleaning stations, feeding off parasites and dead skin of larger fish species. Subadults move to reef front holes and surge channels, while mature adults are found in caves in areas of rich coral growth on clear lagoon, seaward, or channel reefs. Males are territorial and will defend their habitat as well as the females living with them. An angelfish territory can be as large as 10,760 square feet. Adults are also known for making a low-frequency “knocking” sound if disturbed or threatened by divers.

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Live Freshwater Angelfish & Discus Fish for Sale. Freshwater angelfish and Discus are both South American natives which prefer slightly acidic water conditions.

As a cold blooded animal, angelfish will live longer at lower temps.

Angelmania offers high quality, healthy freshwater angelfish at affordable prices. We are proud to offer the world's largest selection of Philippine Blue angelfish varieties. We also stock angelfish with wild bloodlines. Our angelfish are disease-free and we offer a live arrival guarantee on all orders. Free shipping is available!Aquarium Temperature: Angelfish have a tolerance to a wide range of aquarium temperatures, but immune system response is best at higher temperatures. Therefore, if your fish husbandry is less than ideal, you will have more problems at lower temperatures. 80° F is a good start for a hatchery situation. Mid to upper seventies is fine for show tanks. As a cold blooded animal, angelfish will live longer at lower temps. Higher temperatures will promote faster growth, more frequent breeding, better immune system response and shorter life spans.