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We've tried to come up with a list of general tropical fish tips and hints for beginners to the fish keeping hobby. Below you will find our compiled list of the items we thought would especially help a newbie. If you have a good aquarium or tropical fish tip that you would like to share, just complete the form at the bottom of the page and we'll post it.

Keep reading for a list of easy aquarium fish that don’t need a heater.

The crown jewel on this year’s list has to be the Yellow Tang, Zebrasoma flavescens (see CORAL Magazine, January February 2016, page 36, ). After decades of trial and error, this much-sought-after species has been successfully bred in captivity at the Oceanic Institute in Waimanalo, Hawaii, in a joint project with Rising Tide Conservation. A supply of aquacultured Yellow Tangs, one of the most popular fishes in the hobby, has been on many aquarists’ wish lists for some time. This breakthrough bodes well for the future propagation of other members of the genus and of the surgeonfish family, including the Pacific Blue Tang, Paracanthurus hepatus, which is reported to be overharvested in a number of collection areas. (See Ret Talbot’s report and essay, CORAL Magazine, Jan/Feb 2016, page 104.)

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Once you’ve decided, here’s a list of ten of the best freshwater aquarium fish for beginners. Like most other schooling fish on this list, white cloud mountain minnows are often the victim of improper care and housing. Some sources report that tanks as small as 2,5 gallons/9,5L(!) are suitable for one or two white clouds, but this is unfortunately a myth. Tanks of this size are not suitable for any fish, let alone an active schooling fish that needs to be kept in larger groups. An aquarium of at least 15 gal/57L is an absolute must.

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Other problems include the poisoning of and non-target species, the depletion of rare species from their natural habitat, and ecosystem degradation from large scale removal of key species. Additionally, concern environmentalists and hobbyists alike. There has been a concerted movement to captive breeding and certification programs for wild-caught fish. Two thirds of American marine aquarists surveyed in 1997 preferred farmed coral, and over 80% think that only sustainably caught or farmed fish should be traded.[]

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Freshwater aquarium fish care information and pictures ordered by freshwater fish species. Click on the picture of the freshwater fish species in the list below for detailed profiles along with comments and tips from fellow freshwater hobbyists.The Fish Research List Difference

The information here is a compilation of much research about each plant or fish. When researching it can become frustrating to continually find contradicting, repetative, or incomplete information. We have done the research and compiled it all here.

There are two types of information on this site. Some of the profile items are averages and some are collections of data.

The sources for each species's information can be found at the bottom of their respective profile. They are all online so that you can visit them and check them out for yourself. We know our site will be useful in your quest to learn more about the proper care of aquarium fish, invertebrates, corals and plants.