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Molded from actual rockwork, Universal Rocks is pliable and can even be installed on an already up and running aquarium. Since they are lightweight, the backgrounds won’t fall and crack the glass making it a safer option to get a bit more dimension in the tank. The backgrounds use magnets to secure the background to the glass so no need for silicon or other adhesives.

We manufacture lightweight artificial rocks, waterfalls, ponds and aquarium ..

In this video Stuart Dunne of Universal Rocks shows you how to easily customize your fish tank with lightweight artificial holey rock decorations. These custom molded faux rocks can be used on their own, or combine with other aquarium decorations to create a custom look for your fish tank,

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Aquarium Decorations: O.S.I. Marine Rock Aquarium Decoration

Premium quality; lightweight artificial rocks and waterfalls, designed for use on new or existing pools, as a great garden feature and 3D aquarium backgrounds. With one of the most diverse selections of lightweight rock aquarium backgrounds, Universal Rocks makes it easy to drastically transform the look of your terrarium, fish tank or pet reptile enclosure. All our 3D backgrounds are molded from real rock features, colored with real rock material and available in your choice of either flexible or rigid foam. Be sure to browse our large inventory of lightweight Texas Holey Rocks, Reefs, Overflow & Heater covers, Pet Rock Bowls and other custom aquarium accessories. We offer detailed aquarium backgrounds and décor for tanks in standard sizes, in addition to many larger and custom enclosures.

Aquascape smarter with realistic resin replicas

If you are thinking about a garden renovation, rejuvenating your pool surrounds or even creating your own museum quality aquarium or pet environment, then Universal Rocks® are the ideal solution. What was once a job for the experts is now a simple, lightweight, cost effective alternative for the happy home owner!

Between A Rock and a Hard Place – How to Hardscape you Aquarium

If you're going to use rocks as the heart ofyour aquarium layout, then the best approach is to create at least onetall focal point where the rock formation rises at least halfway up thetank, and two-thirds of the way up. The contrast between the oppressiverockwork and the open water is very effective, and as well as lookinggood is popular with the fish, too. The classic way to do this is tosimply place three or four large, flat rocks on the bottom of the tankand then place one large slab on top of them like a table. Repeat thissort of structure across the tank to create as many caves as will berequired for the fish being kept. If you can't get rocks of theright size, terracotta pots and urns from a garden centre work just aswell, and the fish will happily use them. With a bit of algae thesepots look surprisingly good in fish tanks, and they are lightweight,relatively inexpensive, and very durable. Some aquarists like to jazzthem up a little by hiding airstones and submersible lights insidethem, creating startling visual effects.Another type of plastic decoration is the plastic plant. When choosing man made plants for you aquarium, look for a few things. First of all, look for a weighted base. The lightweight plastic aquarium plants that rely on the substrate to keep them rooted are nothing but a nuisance. Instead, buy aquarium plants that have rocks glued to the base.