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Dear sir we are currently searching for led lights for a series of tanks in our fish room and would like to find an led with 25% red,25% blue and 50% white they surely must be available at a reasonable price ie either under $100.00 could you please guide me to purchase 90cm and 120 cm models .We need about 5x90cm ,the same 120cm and 2-3 60cm if yo can find something close to my requirements you will possibly win the order Kind Regards Steven Henson.

This LED light has been specially designed for marine fish aquarium and especially reef tanks with live corals

In general, LED aquarium lighting is regarded as the supportive item for your tank’s illumination. Moreover, it will provide more energy and increase the quality of the water. Furthermore, your fish can maintain the sustainable growth and then, all of the bacteria will be strongly prevented. All of these fascinating factors will result in the healthy life in the aquarium.

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The Euphotica LED aquarium light is designed for marine fish tanks and reef aquariums containing corals. GET ON THE FREE LIVE 'PLANTED TANK LIGHTING' WEBINAR & GET A 50% OFF COUPON!


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You have to love the durability of aquarium plants. Especially plants like dwarf sag, jungle val and swords. I am curious what kind of lights you all recommend for your planed tanks. I have always only used halides and florescent. Some of you are using LEDs which i have never done. Not sure about them. Let me know what kinds of lights you all like and why. Again. NO fans no noise. Nothing is worse then noise... Tell me what kind of lights you like and why.

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Introducing the underwater colour changing led aquarium lighting kit from Visual Heaven.
Running through corals and reefs you can now highlight elements of your tank like never before!
A fully submersible led light strip that projects a stunning visual effect and brings a radiant glow to your fish tank.
The lights produce a full spectrum of colours including; flash, fade and static colour choice. The waterproof wireless remote controls it all.
The led light strip remains cool in use without affecting water temperature. The energy saving features allow the lights to be run continuously with saving over 70% on fluorescent tube lighting.
Setting the lights up takes just a few minutes. We include all connecting cables and a UK power supply along with instructions for easy installation.
A 1 year guarantee is also provided for your peace of mind.

Satellite Freshwater LED Fish Tank Lights for Aquariums I Current-USA