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This is also a very inexpensive LED for a fish tank that contains either fresh or saltwater fish. Besides, the light is beneficial to grow aquarium plants that makes it a great choice for starters’ aquarium with fish and some low-light plants. There are various fixture sizes and extendable brackets included to fit various tank lengths that fall into these ranges: 12-20″, 19.7-27.6″, 28.3-35.4″, 37.4-45.2″.

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The light you select can impact your aquarium plants as well as the cost and maintenance required for the tank. Instead of simply grabbing the first light bulb you see in the store, it’s important to understand the needs of your aquarium and the correct lighting option that will meet those needs. Taking the time to create the best environment for your fish will help them meet their physical, mental, social and emotional needs.

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For fish-only tank, only choose a light that is bright enough to lighten up the entire tank. These self ballasted high PAR lamps are inexpensive and make it easy for even an aquarist on a budget (even a freshwater fish only tank) to provide the best possible lighting within a budget!

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