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Hagen also makes a smaller series of bulbs (T5 HO), which allows you to mount two small bulbs instead of one larger one. In this case you could combine a Life-Glo with a Power-Glo. I don't know if there is much benefit to this, depending on what you have in your aquarium, but you might like a slightly different colour of light. I've never used the T5 HO bulbs before, so I can't comment on price and reliability.

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Turn your Nano tank into an "in-tank" refugium by simply mounting the JBJ Nano Glo Refugium Light inside the Nano tank. The JBJ Nano Glo features four high-intensity LEDs that provide powerful lighting (70 lumens each) to your refugium. It is designed to give off light evenly throughout the whole tank so that the environment is conducive for macro algae growth, which are essential in cleaning your tank from phosphates and nitrates. These algae also help stabilize the pH and oxygen levels by absorbing CO2 gas when the main lights are off. This Nano Glo is specifically designed for the 28g Nano Cube but it can also be used to light small aquariums that cannot accomodate top lighting.

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Power Glo Fluorescent The Beautiful Fish Aquarium Light Bulb 20-Watt, 24-Inch #Glo The NANO-GLO was specifically designed for the 28g Nano Cube CF QUAD aquarium, which is sold with a transparent filter basket. But the design is so versatile that it can be used to light any small nano aquarium that usually cannot accommodate top lighting due to space constraints and fully enclosed canopies.

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JBJ introduces the NANO-GLO LED to upgrade your existing Nano Cube into an “In-Tank” Refugium. The NANO-GLO LED refugium light boasts 4 powerful high intensity LED’s that evenly distribute light for macro algae, and aid in the removal of unwanted phosphates and nitrates. Its innovative design utilizes suction cups to attach to the rear wall of the aquarium for mobility and secure placement.

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Being most ideal for freshwater plants and animals, the is available in many different pigments such as blue, red, and orange. These wonderful pigments add a marvelous aura to aquarium tanks, and promote healthy plant growth simultaneously. To achieve a suitable amount of lighting in your fish tank with this Hagen product, buyers should make sure to purchase a bulb with the right wattage. Aquatic life needs 1 to 3 watts of light for every gallon of water in any aquarium. When following these simple steps, the Aqua-Glo fluorescent bulb produces an amazing quality of light while remaining energy efficient as well.In a 55 litre, tropical tank, 20 watts of light provided by one fluorescent, "Power Glo" Enhanced Spectrum tube is adequate for beginners. With that level of lighting, species will grow and Java Fern () and Dwarf Anubias () will grow in their shade, to good effect. Plant die-back can be expected with that level of lighting, however, as it is of only moderate intensity. If other plant species or a heavily planted aquarium is desired then more light will be necessary. A larger tank will require larger lights or more tubes, in proportion to the tank size.