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So I bought my Betta male veil tail fish from petco about 8 months ago and it used to be dark blue and since about 3 months ago it has been turning light red. He now only has like a half inch of blue around his head. And at the tip of his mouth. Does anyone know why this has happened? He is a happy swimmer and loves to jump around and everything. He eats fine too.


Hey my betta fish is having almost the same problem as Aleese’s fish except he is getting a purple tint around his base of his fins (he is a blue and blue green crown tail) I saw the color change shortly after moving him in to a 3 gal tank with an air stone light and heater I do100% water changes 1 time a week and feed color enhancing flakes and freeze dried brine shrimp.

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Live-Betta-Fish-Male-Light-Blue-Red-Apache-Feathertail-Rosetail-Halfmoon-87 For experiment one, four red males of varying pigment, four blue males of varying pigment, and eight females of various color were obtained to test the hypothesis that female betta preferred red males. The fish’s ages were not known and it was unknown if the females were virgins or not. The fish were kept in individual, empty one liter plastic tanks that were filled with filtered and treated water. Paper was placed around each tank to prevent the fish from seeing each other. The bettas were fed an Aqueon Color Enhancing Betta Food once daily and kept on a 12:12 light/dark schedule. Tests were conducted at various hours between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. Each trial involved a female and two males (one blue and one red). The female’s tank was placed between the two males (with paper obscuring her view of the males) and a line of tape was placed to create three zones: a red male zone, a blue male zone, and a center female zone. Three timers were obtained; one timer was used to count down trial time (two minutes per trial), another was used to keep track of the time when the female was observed actively fixated on the red male, and another was used to keep track of the time when the female was observed actively fixated on the blue male. The female was determined to be actively fixated on a male if she swims against the glass separating the two fish with her fins flared. At the start of each trial the papers separating the tanks were removed and the timer was started.

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It has been found in many species, including Betta splendens (Siamese fighting fish) and Hirundo rustica (barn swallows), that red pigmentation indicates good immunity and health in an individual, which is indicative of their genes and reproductive success (Saino et al, 2000). In addition to this, previous research has shown that female bettas tend to prefer dark red-pigmented males over light red-pigmented males (Clotfelter et al., 2007), as well as preferring red males over blue males (Clotfelter et al. 2007). In some species of fish, such as Poecilia reticulata, color may indicate a severe parasite infestation and thus, bright flashy colors might indicate immunocompetence (Houde et al. 1992). However, severe parasite infestations result in lethargy, which might make a male less willing to expend the energy required to court a female.

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