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Here is an excellent video that shows the prospective aquarium LED light owner what they get as per waterproofing with the better LED fixtures over the common Finnex, Ocean Revive, etc. and others:

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Zetlight also has other LED models, not reviewed in this article at this time. (Mini Aquarium Series, Nano Aquarium Series, Aqua Aquarium Series, Pro Aquarium Series, Project Aquarium Series, IOZEAN Aquarium Series, Lancia Aquarium Series, and Shieldo Aquarium Series).

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Here is a great video Marine Depot put together reviewing the Orbit IC LED aquarium light and our LOOP LED system! The Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue LED aquarium fixture features a new and improved 90 watt LED array that is brighter than previous versions of the A360 fixture. The Tuna Blue uses the latest Kessil patented Dense Matrix LED array with a specially designed reflector system. Hot spots, common with many pendant fixtures, are eliminated with the A360WE. You can control the light spread using , too.

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The Kessil Reef & Planted Aquarium Capable LED light is popular among many deeper reef aquarium keepers.
However marketing has driven many, including prominent YouTubers, to think these are better lights than they actually are.

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eBay 48" LED aquarium light review, compared to an Aqueon LED modular light. I do love the Aqueon, but I'll still to the eBay lights from now on. Can't beat the price!

eBay Seller cll_petsuppliesMoreover, each LED models from different manufacturers also has its specific luminous efficacy (lumens per watt). So, it is hardly to find out the exact number of how many watts of LED light per gallon of water without the luminous efficacy (lm/W) provided by the manufacturer. Luckily, the manufacturers will provide you which types and sizes of aquariums their products intent for, so it is very easy for you to choose the right one based on your aquarium length. Just read what is claimed by the manufacturers and the reviews of other customers to make your right decision.2016 has some excellent, affordable and coral ready lights for the marine aquarium. In fact there are many MANY units available on offer. This review covers the most popular fixtures available – the best led lights for growing coral. Prices range from sub $100 to $500+. We will explore wattage, size and which is the best value for your dollar. This article runs through the best LED lights for growing coral in the hobby and gives the advantages and disadvantages of each LED unit.LEDs and lens: The light consists of 48 pieces of 3W LEDs (Royal Blue 450nm, Blue 470nm, Cool White 10000K, 12000K, Red 520nm, Green 660nm and UV 420nm) that are bright and highly penetrating. The 90-degree lens are designed to promote the light penetration through the width and depth of reef aquariums. The OceanReviveArctic-T247 LED light is developed by fellow reefers and is recommended by the popular reefing forums such as Reef2Reef, ReefCentral, Nano-Reef… The PAR output is strong enough to support the growth of most corals from soft to LPS/SPS.