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Aquarium lamp that is compatible with Aqueon LED Aquarium Light (Model 15610). Maintains brightness and color over time while using 70% less energy than fluorescent lamps. Just snaps into place.


Designed for use with aqueon Modular LED aquarium lights, These LED lamps deliver brilliant output that won't fade over time while consuming 70% less energy than comparable t8 fluorescent lamps. Available in beauty MAX, , day White, and MAX Blue.

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40pcs 5 led module cold white 5050 DIY aquarium lamp with remote controller dimmer.. Each lamp features 5 high power Cree LEDs with focusing lenses, allowing light to penetrate deeper in depth while producing stunning color and shimmer effects. Now you can deliver light into your aquarium only where needed, reducing wasted light and lowering your energy costs.

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In fact, the 'Watts Per Gallon' should only be used within the same type & make depending upon what is kept. This is due to the variety of available modern lights with varying lumens per watt, different wavelengths, focused lumens, PAR, PUR, PAS, & RQE.
As an example, a high PAR/PUR LED from using PWM & patented/licensed emitter bins only need about 4% to 15% of typical aquarium T8 or T12 lamps.

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Fish rely on a regular day/night cycle for optimum health, however brightness is less important and too much light can cause algae growth. Live plants, on the other hand, need strong light (which is different than brightness level) and a broader spectrum for photosynthesis. Certain fluorescent lamps and LED bars can enhance the colors in fish and the overall appearance of your aquarium. AquaRay® lights are called solid state lighting (SSL), which is a type of lighting that uses light-emitted diodes (LEDs) as the sources of illumination rather than the traditional filament in incandescent light bulbs or gas used in fluorescent lamps. Solid state means that the light in an LED is emitted from a solid object - a block of semiconductor - rather than in a vacuum or gas tube (incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, respectively).Incandescent lighting is still used in some aquariums, but more economical and visually pleasing options like fluorescent and LED are the norm. Fluorescent lighting is cooler, brighter and uses less electricity than incandescent. It is a common type of aquarium lighting, although LED is surpassing it in popularity. For peak performance, replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps annually. LED lights are the most economical and energy efficient and offer a wider range of lighting options.The Aqueon Beauty Max LED Lamp, Size 48, can be added to the Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Light Fixture, 48 inch. The Beauty Max is a combination of red, green and blue light.