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Show off your shimmer! Now it is easier than ever to get energy-efficient LED lighting on your aquarium. These full aquarium hoods use an integrated LED Light to create shimmering light in your aquarium.

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The Marineland LED Aquarium Hoods are easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. The feeding door at the front of the hood is removable to provide easy access to the aquarium for feeding. If left in, lift the hood to feed. There is ample space toward the back of the hood for accessories such as heaters and airline tubing. Using a larger filter? Cut out the marked filter panel on the back of the hood to fit.

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Explore our LED aquarium lighting, hoods and strip lights at Marineland. Looking for an all in one LED lighting solution and aquarium hood? Then join PetSolutions as we demonstrate this new product from Marineland, the LED Aquarium Hood.

Contains a long lasting, energy efficient LEDs that mimic the natural effect of shimmering light. This sleek hood is hinged for maintenance, a feeding door for easy access, and space for filters and heaters. The LED unit has a 3 mode switch, off, daylight mode, and lunar mode.

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When both LED and flourescent hoods do not meet your needs you're probably ready to take the next step in aquarium lighting and fixtures. I'm talking about lighting strips. Both suspended and resting above a glass top. These two options are used in serious fish stores world wide as they are cost effective and provide even lighting.

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Marineland LED Lights Aquarium Hood Marineland LED Aquarium Hoods make it easier than ever to get energyefficient LED lighting on your aquarium These full aquarium hoods use an integrated LED Light to create shimmering affects in your aquarium With a sleek modern look and integrated bulbs these hoods are easy to use and will complete the look of your aquarium habitat Features Switch has three positions onoffblue There are white LEDs for day light and blue LEDs for night light Three sizes fit most manufacturers aquariums that are available on the market today LED Light snaps into the sleek contemporary hood and is protected by a clear lens Lens is removable for easy cleaning Long lasting and energy efficient saving money on your electric bill LEDs do not have mercury making them better for the environment Hinged for easy access Removable feeding door located on front of hood Space in the back of hood provides room for accessories such as airline tubing and heaters Filter panel cutout located on back of hood 60mW watts per LED Item Specifications Dimensions 20x10 205L x 1025W x 3625H 24x12 24L x 1225W x 3625H 30x12 305L x 1225W x 3687H LUX amp Lumens 20x10 460 LUX 165 Lumens 24x12 990 LUX 310 Lumens 30x12 990 LUX 310 LumensThe Aqua Culture 20/55 Gallon Aquarium Hood will work on any compatible 20 or 55-gallon tanks. The LED lights inside the Aqua Culture Aquarium hood radiate a natural daylight glow to promote aquatic movement and activity for greater viewing pleasure. This LED aquarium hood contains cutouts for easy access to make feeding time and routine filter changes quick and easy, since they eliminate the need to remove the entire hood. The LED bulb is long lasting, so you can enjoy it longer without the need for frequent bulb changes. The Aqua Culture 20/55 Gallon Aquarium Hood is low-profile, so it won't be top heavy on the tank to promote greater stability. This Aqua Culture aquarium hood is designed to fit virtually any 24-inch by 12-inch tank, so it works well with a wide range of aquariums. If you have a larger 48-inch tank of up to 55 gallons deep, you only need to combine two hoods to enjoy the same quality function. This hood works well with both fresh and salt water tanks.