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Soft plastics are also trolled and jigged in the same method as metal or hardbodied lures, and used as artificial baits in classic real-bait rigs. The many rigs, techniques and uses of soft plastic lures are as varied as the designs, colours and sizes they are available in. Specialised techniques and rigging methods have evolved from anglers targeting specific fish species or in particular areas, such as the Texas rig and Carolina rig. Tandem Rigs are designed to avoid losing fish that "short strike" the bait. A variation of the traditional Jig Head, called a Deep Darter Head, provide a sub surface "walk the dog" action on the soft plastic lure. The swimming tin, designed in the late 19th century to rig dead eels, is produced today to impart great action on large style soft baits like Hogy Lures 10-18 inch soft baits.

plastic debris in stomach of large pelagic fish in the Mediterranean Sea .

Overall, we conclude that polyethylene ingestion is a vector for the bioaccumulation of PBTs in fish, and that toxicity resulting from plastic ingestion is a consequence of both the sorbed contaminants and plastic material. Thus, hazards related to plastic debris are not one-sided – supporting the idea that the mixture of plastic and sorbed pollutants associated with plastic debris should be acknowledged in aquatic habitats. Future studies should examine the hypothesis that plastics are a multiple stressor in aquatic habitats, shifting the focus to health effects from the combination of: the type, size and shape of the material, the chemical ingredients and the concentration of chemicals that sorbs to the material from the environment. Research that can prioritize those plastics associated with the greatest number of priority pollutants via their chemical constituents (e.g. polyurethane and polyvinylchloride,) or those that sorb the largest concentrations of chemicals from the environment (e.g. PE and PP) is suggested.

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Aquaculture Fish Farming Liner/HDPE Fish Pond Lining/waterproof Large Plastic Fish Pond Liner Simply place your meat—either in its plastic packaging, or removed and covered with plastic wrap—on a plate in your fridge the night before you plan on cooking it. The plate ensures that any moisture produced during the thawing process doesn't end up all over your fridge. Check back the next night and you'll find perfectly thawed pieces of chicken, fish, or steak ready to get seasoned and cooked. If you're working with a larger piece of meat like a whole chicken or a roast-size cut of beef you'll want to allow more time to ensure the meat thaws all the way through.

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Those micro-plastics resemble tiny zooplankton or animals and eggs, which larger fish consume. At each level of the food chain those toxins are bio-magnified; concentration is the highest for the apex or top predator. Humans, by the way, are apex predators. If you needed a reason for your family to become vegetarian, I suggest that you take this latest staggering ocean discovery to heart and make the switch now.

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