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If you aquarium is a slice of reality, then inyour mind's eye you need to imagine the riverbank or lake shorethat it's part of. Trees, sedges, reeds and many other plants mayhave their roots in the water, but mostly grow above it. Using largepieces of bogwood or bamboo canes it is possible to create the illusionof an 'outside world' by letting the tops of these things pokeout above the water. Plastic plants attached to the hood or the rim ofthe tank can be allowed to trail into the water, suggesting a verdantbank of vegetation partially submerged by the water.

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Plastic: Plastic plants offer many benefits. While they do not produce oxygen for the water like natural plants do, there is no and they require minimal care. With such a large variety of types and colors, plastic plants can really beautify your aquarium. If you decide to use plastic plants for your Betta's tank, make sure that you clean them every time you change the water.

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What are the benefits of live and plastic plants in an aquarium?

Live plants: Offer slight filtration benefits, they look natural and are fun and challenging to keep.

Plastic fake plants: Offer a large range of colours and variety, need no care to keep, can be moved whenever its needed, can be taken out and cleaned at will. However they do not look as natural as real aquarium plants.




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Boiling is one of the oldest methods of sterilization. To do this, get a pot large enough to hold your plastic plants and raise the water to a boil. Add the plants and keep them boiling for at least 15 minutes. This may not be sufficient to kill every single microorganism but it will take care of the vast majority of disease-causing organisms. Keep in mind that this process may melt some aquarium plants or cause them to fade.

Imagitarium X-Large Background Plastic Aquarium Plant.