Fish that do well in a hexagon tank

30 gallon hexagon tank with filter, heater & supplies. 7 tetra fish and 1 large placostamis(bottom feeder). Comes with fish food. Everything you need!

Clear For Life Hexagon Aquarium - With the stunning Hexagon Aquarium, you ..

Sold by PetSmart, this hexagon aquarium is the perfect home for any larger species of fish that you may look after. At 55 gallons, there’s more than enough room in this tank to hold larger fish. We’re huge fans of the design, and think that the hexagon shape is perfect for fish who like a bit of privacy. What many people don’t talk about is how important corners are for fish – they love hiding in them! If you fill this tank with decorations and plants, then they’ll be able to hide in any corner they want.

what other fish are compatible with them??

Jan 4, 2017 - Octagonal fish tanks aren't just for octopi (or octopus) Check out our fish .. The other problem with hexagonal tanks is the view you get when a fish swims across a join, looking at an angle you can sometimes see your fish twice. Try looking at a corner of a normal tank. If you have a curved tank it can change the length of you fish. Have a look at a goldfish swimming in a bowl to see the effect, small at front and large at the back

Trim Traditional style frames are not available for our hex aquariums

This is a hexagon cornered uniquarium – for those of you who aren’t aware, a uniquarium is a fish tank that has a built in filter, making it a perfect choice for beginners and any fish keeper who doesn’t want to mess around with purchasing their own filters. At 12 gallons, there is more than enough room here for several smaller fish, and the hexagonal design of the tank means that it can fit into places where larger fish tanks wouldn’t be able to. Here is a list of the main features:

Aquarium Dimensions: Sizes By Length, Width & Height

With the surface area rules to guide you, a 40 gallon hexagon-shaped tank would only be able to hold about half as many fish as a 40 gallon rectangle-shaped tank. The rectangular tank would have much more surface area, so it can carry more fish. The larger surface area is important for the gas exchange in the water. The fish need dissolved oxygen that the water gets from contact with the air. More surface area equals more air contact which means more oxygen for the fish.The carrying capacity, or number of fish you can keep in a tank is determined by its size and shape. Obviously, a larger tank will hold more fish, but there is more to it. Oxygen is usually the limiting factor in carrying capacity, and oxygen enters the water at the surface of the aquarium. Therefore it is the surface area of the tank, rather than the overall volume, that really determines how many fish you can keep in it. Because of this, very tall narrow tanks, like some of the hexagonal models, should be avoided.Clear-For-Life isn’t just a brand name, it is a promise. When you get a large aquarium you don’t want to have glass so thick that you aren’t able to get a crystal clear view of the fish that you are raising, nor do you want a product that will crack or break under the pressure of the water. Clear-For-Life products are tested to be durable and the hexagon shape is perfect for being able to look at your fish from all angles. This is one of the best products on the market and a design that you don’t see very often. You’ll be the envy of your fish hobbyist friends with the Clear-For-Life hexagon tank and associated equipment and accessories. Acrylic will give you the quality viewing you want without the danger of a glass tank.