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slush with vodka and candy floss in fishbowl. Simply fill a large glass with candy floss, pour over the vodka to ha;f fill the glass, then pour into slushie mixture

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The Spina’s discovered that the large goblet was a really fascinating glass. They decided to call it a “fishbowl” because of it’s large size . Customers really went for it because at the time, a large fishbowl of beer was only 35 cents which made it the biggest and coldest beer in town… and it still is today.

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit.

Miniature Terrarium Fairy Garden-finished-in-a-large-round-glass-fish-bowl These large margarita glasses and our other giant glasses are perfect for any bar, nightclub, or themed restaurant. Whether individuals are going out for a fun night of bottomless drinks, or friends are having a drink to share, these beverageware options are sure to add a unique touch to your drink service. You can even supply your ice cream parlor or dessert shop with these fishbowl glasses to serve giant ice cream sundaes piled high with toppings!

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Serve your customers oversized portions of their favorite cocktails in our selection of giant glasses. We carry large margarita glasses and martini glasses that are perfect for holding daiquiris, pina coladas, and other frozen beverages. You’ll also find fishbowl glasses that can be used to serve tropical mixed drinks, rum buckets, and cocktails to share!

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