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Fishing nets have been used widely in the past, including by stone age societies. The oldest known fishing net is the , found with other fishing equipment in the town of . The net was made from , and dates back to 8300 BC. The remnants of another fishing net dates back to the late , and were found together with sinkers at the bottom of a former sea. Some of the oldest (4200–500 BC) have mysterious images, including intricate patterns of horizontal and vertical lines sometimes explained as fishing nets. American Native Indians on the wove from spruce root fibers or wild grass, again using stones as weights. For floats they used sticks made of cedar which moved in a way which frightened the fish and helped keep them together. With the help of large canoes, pre-European deployed seine nets which could be over one thousand metres long. The nets were woven from green flax, with stone weights and light wood or gourd floats, and could require hundreds of men to haul.

A  is a fishing vessel designed to use  nets in order to catch large volumes of fish.

At the end of the day, two mature women on Kuta Beach untangle and fold large nylon fishing nets. They likely are working as a team with their fishermen husbands or other relatives.

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Drift nets are also effective at bringing in large amounts of fish in one catch Since 1965, Loki Nets has had a reputation for high quality, legendary durability and trouble-free functionality. We offer a full line of landing nets designed to meet any fishing need or situation. Our Loki Nets division is a landing net industry leader and innovator, with products such as the Monorail™ mesh-guard system, Tangle-Less™, the original rubber-coated knotless nylon net, and TechNet™, a larger-mesh-sized Tangle-Less net.

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The confusingly named whale shark—technically the ocean’s largest fish—is on the vulnerable species list and hunting in most areas is prohibited. The specimen found outside of Karachi was supposedly found dead in shallow waters, having been confused by the passage of large ships. But the leviathan's death happened after it became tangled in fishermen’s nets.

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The men who enjoy the government I have spoken of are like fish who swim in the sea without constraint. Those who live in a prudent and moderate monarchy or aristocracy seem to be in large nets, in which they are caught, though they think themselves free. But those who live in purely despotic States are in such tight nets that they feel themselves to be caught right at the outset.Drift netting is a commercial fishing practice using large (between 75 feet to over 30 miles in length) nets weighted at the bottom edge and with buoys floating the top edge. They create a vertical wall of netting in the ocean sometimes several hundred meters deep. Not anchored or attached to a boat, these huge fishing nets are sometimes inadvertently left behind or lost in storms, becoming ghost nets.