Dangerously large "fishbowl" cocktail

These large margarita glasses and our other giant glasses are perfect for any bar, nightclub, or themed restaurant. Whether individuals are going out for a fun night of bottomless drinks, or friends are having a drink to share, these beverageware options are sure to add a unique touch to your drink service. You can even supply your ice cream parlor or dessert shop with these fishbowl glasses to serve giant ice cream sundaes piled high with toppings!

Large Fishbowl with pink water inside and Gerbera flower ball, by Lily King Weddings

it is in a large fishbowl looking thing made completely of glass. Not circlular, but square with rounded corners. I am perplexed that there aren't drain holes. I have no idea the species of cactus...there is a large round one with long prickly things, a small round one that is similar, thereis this spongy looking green thing, then there's these yellow-green leave things and a set of pink ones. Looked at some photos online and I still have no idea. Looks like bottom of glass jar has some sand, then some soil, then more sand (1-2 cm). I don't know how to load a photo to show you.

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Large Fishbowl Planters with Stands | Hand Painted Porcelain Fishbowl Planter - Chinese Butterfly and Flower ... Gorgeous figurine paneled fishbowl. This beautiful fishbowl is so unique, love the paneled figurines depicted on all six sides of this gorgeous large fishbowl.

Large Fishbowl Beads from BluBeagleCuriosities on Etsy Studio

Multicolored tulips in large fishbowl with curly willow design. Arrangement includes 3 colors or more and 20 tulips & pink waxflower in a beautifully designed 8 inch bubble bowl. Make a bold statement that Spring is in the air, perfect for any occassion or as a thoughtful gift. Original Design by Blossom Flowers.

We are selling 4 different color of large fishbowl beads

The Spina’s discovered that the large goblet was a really fascinating glass. They decided to call it a “fishbowl” because of it’s large size . Customers really went for it because at the time, a large fishbowl of beer was only 35 cents which made it the biggest and coldest beer in town… and it still is today.A fishbowl conversation is a form of that can be used when discussing topics within large groups. Fishbowl conversations are sometimes also used in participatory events such as . The advantage of Fishbowl is that it allows the entire group to participate in a conversation. Several people can join the discussion.