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It wouldn’t be much good to have a large 55 gallon aquarium or fish tank without a sturdy stand that could handle the weight properly! Luckily Petsmart also have a great stand to support these massive aquariums, including this Marco stand. Available in black, brown or red, you can choose whichever color matches your home best. The most important thing about this stand is that it will keep your fish safe and sound!

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This solid top stand is strong and formidable. It measures approximately 49.37 (L) x 13.12 (W) x 28.25 (H) and weighs about 74.6 lbs. It is heavier than other stands in this category but it is exceptionally constructed to hold various types of aquariums. This fish stank stand provides across the board support because of its flush top that braces the bottom of your aquarium (glass or acrylic). It is effectively coated to resist moisture and water damage which is especially great for larger units such as this one and a metal-to-metal locking system helps fortify the backbones of this stand.

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The first 3 pictures show the Large Fish Tank Stand, the fourth picture shows the .. There is a large variety of 10 gallon fish tank stands on the market. Some only offer a bare minimum and others offer stylish and modern designs. Some stands even offer a […]

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Getting a high quality stand for a 55 gallon fish tank would require spending a large amount of money; however, the cheap but very durable 55 gallon aquarium stands in this review will even satisfy […]

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Of course, there is a down side to using a double tank stand. One of the biggest negatives is the fact that the second tank is rather cramped at the top, making maintenance challenging. Large items, as well as larger fish, cannot be easily moved in and out of the lower tank. Viewing the lower tank is not as enjoyable as the upper tank because one must either bend over or sit on the floor. However, the lower tank is at the perfect height for viewing by small children, which brings up another potential negative.

Children and pets can easily access the lower tank, which has the potential for a variety of problems.Shop Petco's large variety of aquarium & fish tank stands. With so many different aquarium cabinet or canopy sizes & styles, one is sure to fit your décor.This is a simple, inexpensive and straightforward fish tank that does exactly what you need it do. Made from wood, it looks great and is sturdy enough to support larger fish tanks and fish tank cabinets if needed. Some of the other benefits of this stand include that it assembles quickly, is easily adjustable and comes in 4 different sizes.All these aquariums are best 55-60 gallon fish tanks mostly sold online. If you’re not sure that you need such large fish tanks, you can choose smaller, instead. Or, if you’re looking for more eye-candy than these standard rectangular aquariums offer, you can take a look at some . There are also fish tanks made specifically for certain fishes, like . So, if you’re looking to house specific fishes in your aquarium, make sure you check some of those tanks that are exclusively made for those kinds of fishes.