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Redtail Catfish () get too large for any tank less than 1000 gallons, and greedily gulp down any other fish that fit in their mouths. They are very prone to a deadly skin condition if kept in too small an aquarium.

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A emphasizes living plants as much as, or even more than fish. Large groupings of plant species such as , , , , , and with a limited number of fish is a good example of a planted tank. It is important to select fish that will not damage the plants, such as small tetras, dwarf gouramis, cherry barbs, zebra danios, and . Planted tanks may include CO2 injection and a substrate fortified with laterite or, in the case of a low tech aquarium, a layer of potting soil under the gravel to provide nutrients for the plants.

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In large aquariums, it's less of a problem because there is more room for fish to run and hide Negotiating a purchase price may take a little practice at first. It is very important for the dealer to consider all the after-purchase expenses he will encounter, and to leave a healthy profit margin to cover them. Large fish continue to eat and produce waste in abundance in the retailer's fish room, just as they did for the home aquarist. In addition, there should be room to mark down for clearance, in case you suddenly find yourself with a dozen full grown oscars or plecostomus, or five tanks each holding a single murderous snakehead or red devil. Payment will probably be in the range of 20% to 50% of the intended selling price, preferably (from the dealer's point of view) paid as store credit for other merchandise.

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This catfish gets way to big for the majority of home aquariums. You're looking at a tank in the thousands of gallons here. Think large backyard ponds or leave them in the wild or public aquariums.

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In the beginning, you had a small bowl with two fish in it. It was good enough for you, but then you wanted more. You saw other larger aquariums, but it seemed very difficult. Taking care of a small tank was manageable, but a larger tank should be ten times harder to handle, right?To save you some trouble, you can buy a complete kit and install it right away. The fish tank will have all the accessories included, and you will not feel that everything is so complicated. When it comes to your passion, you have to be ready to take a leap of faith. You can never evolve if you get stuck at the same level only because someone told you that it’s hard to move forward. Search for information about the fish you want, the size aquarium you will need, the types of to add and then buy the large tank that you are dreaming about!