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This catfish gets way to big for the majority of home aquariums. You're looking at a tank in the thousands of gallons here. Think large backyard ponds or leave them in the wild or public aquariums.

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A superb fish for the home aquarium, both sexes have a lovely metallic sheen, while the males top this by developing a warm pinkish tint to the flanks and belly. Potentially able to reach as much as 15 cm (6 inches) in length, most aquarium specimens stay substantially smaller, but even so, this is a large and lively fish that needs space and good filtration. Although quite big by aquarium fish standards, it isn’t at all aggressive or territorial and it does not nip fins. About its only bad habit is a tendency it shares with other large barbs to root about the substrate, and in doing so it may disturb recently planted cuttings; but it is otherwise a good fish for the planted aquarium. If very hungry it might nibble at soft leaves or shoots, but otherwise it prefers a mixed diet of flakes, frozen foods, and algae wafers. The rosy barb is large enough to do well with goldfish and paradise fish, provided the tank is big enough and the filtration is up to the job.

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unconventional fish tank ideas | Large oval coffee table aquarium | Glass Fish Tanks Butterflyfish, when properly cared for, can make beautiful and distinctive additions to fish only marine aquariums. Often large and usually not suited for those with smaller aquariums, nor those of the faint of heart. Nevertheless, when fed a varied diet and kept in pristine conditions, Butterflyfish will usually thrive. That is, if you choose the right species. With Butterflyfish, usually a fish is going to survive, or it's not. Many species simply cannot be kept in captivity, and potential keepers must take care to only purchase those species that have a fighting chance. Also, be very picky about which specimen you choose- any sign of mishandling should be taken as a red flag.
The following species are relatively hardy and an experienced aquarist should have no trouble with them, so long as they are diligent.

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Batfish are gorgeous and striking fish that are not common in aquaria for one major reason: they get huge. A two or three hundred gallon tank is needed for one, minimum, and larger is better. They start out as tiny, manageable-looking cuties, which often fools aquarists into purchasing them for their small aquariums. However they quickly grow to gargantuan proportions, and require large amounts of food as well as space, so beware. They are not safe and should be fed plenty of large meaty foods. Batfish change greatly as they grow, however the potential aquarist is most likely to see them in their form, so that is the description of the colouration here. They all have generally the same body shape: disk-like with tall dorsal and anal fins, similar to a .

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