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Hi, Just encountered your blog. we have a pond that is 20″ deep, about 4′ x 8′ with a water fall on one side and edged with plants including some water willows and mint The pond is lined with slate plates. We have about 50 koi and gold fish of various sizes, but none over about 5 inches. We’ve had several GBH visitations and so far have not lost any fish. I think they mostly go behind the slate plates. The heron was in the pond yesterday and we are going to be away for awhile, so I put the radio out. Should it be left on all night?

I really want a backyard pond that has a little waterfall with koi fish and turtles.

We recently have completely emptied and redid our ponds. Over the last month we added more Koi to each ponds. Everything seems to be going well until we added some snails, tad poles and an Albino Cat Fish (1 in large pond only). We had purchased it on a Tuesday and by Friday noon he was find by evening we found him and 2 tad poles dead. We took back to pond place and replace them yesterday afternoon. He was very active and looking good this morning the catfish and a tad pole is dead. Everyone else is thriving well. My husband suspects it is because I used the Pondcare Microbial Algae Clean (which is to be safe for fish and plants.) I am not so sure. Any advise.

Try some unique pond fish, instead of koi and goldfish

Koi Fish Pond Observation Tower - 22 Small Garden or Backyard Aquarium Ideas Will Blow Your Mind I was warning people away from common carp, bighead carp, grass carp, and several other species, which are highly destructive to a pond – far more so than a goldfish or koi. But next time in a general information article, I’ll be sure to include lots of Japanese words to ensure easy readability.

How to care for koi & goldfish and other pond fish in winter

It is drawing near the end of summer and it is time to make sure that your koi, goldfish, and pond fish are getting all the food that they care to enjoy right now! This time of year is an excellent time as a pond owner to take advantage of their voracious appetites and let them build the fat reserves they’ll need for those winter months when pond fish no longer are taking in sustenance. It is a good time to be able to interact with your koi fish as well, if you’re interested in hand feeding your koi this is a great time to give that a try.

Keeping Other Fish with Koi Carp - Your Koi Pond

A koi pond is a purpose built habitat for those lovely fish we call “Living Jewels” and as such, differs from any other garden water feature. To introduce koi into other types of water features is usually a disaster waiting to happen and though one can get away with it for awhile, the end result is predictable. So, instead of doing what so many do, that is dig a hole, throw in a liner, add water and a few fish, and call it a koi pond, we want to help to get it right the first time. You only need to do it right once but you can get it wrong over and over.If you are interested in keeping ornamental pond fish and want to keep something slightly more exotic than the humble , the beautiful and attractive koi carp may already have caught your eye.