Pond Fish & Koi Foods & Nutrition: Hikari Wheat-Germ Food

But admit it– one of the main reasons you have fish is to interact with them. It’s amazing to throw Koi Pond Fish food into your pond and watch the fish rush over to gobble the food up. Since Koi Fish are often larger than goldfish, they eat more as well!

What are the benefits of feeding Medi-Koi®, medicated koi food to my sick koi and pond fish? Can’t find antibiotics?

Excess Koi food won’t necessarily harm your fish, but if they overeat they don’t digest it as efficiently, and simply release it into the pond as a waste product. This extra waste pollutes the water and causes your filter to to work harder.

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Tired of trying to feed your sick kio fish and pond fish those medicated koi foods they refuse to eat? Ideal For Small Pond Fish
Aquascape Premium Flake Fish Food has been scientifically formulated to provide premium nutrition to all pond fish including goldfish and koi. The inclusion of plankton and shrimp meal help make this food irresistible to all pond fish and can be easily consumed by smaller fish including babies known as fry.

Pond Fish & Koi Foods & Nutrition: Dainichi Premium Pellet Food

Fish will feel hungry in cold water, even down to the mid 40's, however the enzymes needed for the digestion of most koi food will be lacking. The fish will eat, sometimes fully, and then languor in the cold water as their metabolism slogs the food through. In very cold water, fish simply don't eat.

If the food is going to be processed by cold fish with impaired metabolism, it makes sense to offer foods that are easily and quickly digestible and contain minimal residue to stall their gut. Over the years, soluble plant proteins like wheat germ were found to be effective, and so were Cheerios. Fish love Cheerios, especially the Honey Nut Cheerios. Try it, you will see they go for the darker, tastier(?) Honey Nut Cheerios over the plain ones. And they can tell when you buy generic Cheerios. But it's okay.

The point of Cheerios is that they supply some useful energy, with minimal nitrogen to strain a cold biological filtration system, and the fish like 'em. A lot. In my own pond, I've noticed that Cheerios are sort of fattening when offered with regular food year round, so if you want to put some weight on a big female fish, especially through her face, give her some Cheerios with her regular diet through the year.

In cold water I recommend that you:

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