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Diane Giddens, who owns Oak Park Landscape and Water Garden Center with her husband, Richard, stands near one of the store’s display koi ponds at their location in Swanton. The shop sells koi and other fish along with plants and landscaping materials.

When the couple closes The Koi Shop, Jeff said that the valuable fish will probably remain with them.

Unfortunately, the Koi hobby is full of misinformation, partial truths, and simply bad advice, and this especially true since the advent of the Internet. There are many websites and Koi forums from which you can learn some things, but more often than not you will be given false and misleading information. Many garden centers and pet shops that sell Koi are also primary culprits of this misinformation. There are a few exceptions, but they are just that -- exceptions. Even the manufacturers of many Koi-related items like filters, water test kits, and other items associated with these fish are continually giving out this inaccurate advice and info. There are more "snake oils" sold to the hobbyist than there are good and needed products. This may all sound a bit arrogant on our part, but frankly we are tired of hearing all the sad stories of people killing their fish because of some bad information or product they received or purchased. Our website is here to help teach you the true science of Koi keeping. Once you learn the science, you will be able to sort through all the information out there and get to the facts and the truth.

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We are a full service pond shop offering premium koi and goldfish, aquatic .. Kim Cook, co-owner of The Koi Shop off Cawelti Road in Camarillo, points to one of her favorite fish, Ursula, a butterfly-fin koi, who swims up to greet her.

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(D) More about Fish Bowl Pet Shop and our large selections: We have been in business since 1982; serving our customers with a helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. We have a full line retail pet shop selling freshwater tropical fish, goldfish and marine tropical fish (all hand picked weekly). In addition, there are reptiles, small animals, live aquarium plants and lots more. Two levels over 2500 Sq feet. Supplies for all animals including dog and cat foods. We have a large selection pets including scores of kinds of (1) Fresh & Saltwater & tropical Fish and goldfish and Koi fish and male betta (2) birds such as Finches, Canaries, Cockatiels (3) Land & Aquatic Turtles (4) Iguanas (5) Hedgehogs (6) land kermit crabs & more. Also on our website are many videos and information about (a) Tips for the Beginner (b) Common Freshwater Fish Diseases (The Ten Commandments and (c) The Nitrogen Cycle.

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