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Koi are sensitive fish and they require a well-maintained pond. Water quality, cleanliness and fish handling tools are several of the requirements for pond maintenance. The equipment required for indoor and outdoor ponds is similar but outdoor environments do require a greater effort and a few additional tools.

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Checking your ponds ammonia and nitrite is very important during spring maintenance. The increase in fish metabolism coupled with regular can lead to a rapid increase in these toxins. In addition, plant matter that has died during the winter will decompose as the water temperature increases. This is one of the reasons why Koi pond cleaning is so important.

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He performs different tasks including koi fish pond maintenance and mowing. We are one of the few Minnesota companies that offers a koi and goldfish winter care service. We take your fish in the Fall back to our shop and watch them all Winter. We then bring them back to your pond in the Spring during your clean-out and system start-up. This drastically cuts back on worrying about performing winter pond maintenance via watching aerators and pond heaters to keep your fish alive. The recent Winter has not been nice to fish in MN!

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Do you have a koi pond in your garden/backyard or want to build one? Do you need to learn how to take proper care of it and ensure necessary maintenance to preserve the water clean and its inhabitants striving? While koi pond is a great thing to have on your property, as it’s a great site to come, enjoy the calmness of the water, observe the fish and connect to nature, setting up the pond is much easier than keeping it alive.

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Koi pond maintenance is essential in keeping your pond healthy and beautiful. The following seven maintenance tips will allow you to keep your pond healthy for your fish and plants as well as keeping its beautiful appearance.

Tip One – Buy a Filtration System

Keeping the water clean is the first step to a clean pond. Purchase a filtration system that removes organic debris that attract algae in order to maintain the pond water. Also include filtering plants, like the Anacharis, which naturally clean water as they grow.

Tip Two – Create Shade Over the Pond

Algae love the sun and need it to survive. By keeping your pond at least 60% shaded, you provide protection for your Koi as well as proactively maintain against algae blooms.
Koi pond maintenance can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your needs. Filters and skimmers generally require cleaning on a weekly basis to assure clean healthful water for the fish. It is also important to periodically inspect all equipment to make sure it is operating properly.