It is a group of fish which is commonly bred for decorative purposes

In Japan, koi are also thought to symbolize courage and strength. “Koinobori,” koi windsocks, streamers, and banners can be seen flying in Japan from April through early May. The koi are in honor of Children’s Day on May 5. Originally, similar banners were used by samurai warriors on the battlefield and were often adorned with carp. Today, all of the Koinobori are decorated with the fish. Families traditionally have flown koinobori to honor their sons, but today all of the children in the household are often honored by flying a koinobori for each child.

From common carp in China to a majestic journey into Japan, meet the Koi fish

錦鯉 - Nishikigoi, often called Koi fish or Japanese carp, are fish with colors and patches raised and kept for appreciation. The carp originates from China and was brought to Japan by means of gifts.

Kodama Koi Farm, Highest quality Nishikigoi only from Japan.

Japan Koi Fish - Download From Over 58 Million High Quality Stock Photos, Images, Vectors Understanding Kohaku Koi, Showa & Sanke history, development and color. Shawn McHenry an International Koi Judge explains how these fish are the foundation of what is known as Gosanke and how to select them.

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Japanese Koi Fish: A Brief History — Koi Story

Since Japanese koi are bottom feeders but can be trained to take food from your hand, most Japanese koi fish food is made up of both sinking andfloating matter.

Koi Fish Meaning and Myth — Koi Story