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The Male Halfmoon King Betta is also known as a Siamese Fighting Fish. Known best for their beautiful fins and color. Bettas can breathe from their labyrinth organ which enables the fish to breathe from the surface. Minimum tank size: 1 gallon


I've also noticed that Petco's male King Betta fish look like the females of other varieties. Male Kings are probably a variety of Betta splendens; if you go to the second URL under Sources, you'll find that B. raja is a different species altogether and is a dull colored, mouthbrooding (the male keeps the eggs in his mouth) member of the Betta genus (B. splendens, the colorful species, keeps eggs in a bubble nest). A King betta has very short fins much like the females of Veiltails and other breeds, but [kings] are way larger than the males of other betta breeds at up to 4 inches long. Thus, the small bettas in the King tanks are most likely young Kings. I wouldn't purchase them to put with other females just because they look like females.. The third website is about Petco. No one, including at the company, is sure of what a King Betta actually is. Most people classify it as B. splendens but with different characteristics as results of breeding. King Bettas have a reputation for being less aggressive as their long finned brothers because Plakats, a unofficial group of fish in the Betta genus with shorter fins, have less tendency to attack one another's fins due to the latter's length. I hope this satisfies your curiosity!

The Male Halfmoon King Betta is a unique type of Betta.

Live Betta Fish Orange Crown Black Orchid Dragon King DRCT Crowntail Male C183 I just received my blue male betta and he is absolutely gorgeous! Once again, your company hasn't disappointed me. This is the third male betta I have purchased from you and I am thoroughly pleased. His coloring is beautiful & he arrived safely & in great condition. I have highly recommended you for the past few years to all my friends who are looking for quality fish and an excellent variety. Thank You so much for my lastest addition, "Bloobie".

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A Betta fish can make a great pet even if you don’t have a lot of time or space to spare. These beautiful fish are easy to care for and may live for several years. The Male Halfmoon King Betta is a unique live Betta fish with a half moon tail and large body. You may be a little limited on time or space, but you can still experience the joy of a pet in your life. Unlike many other live fish for sale that need a lot of space, this live Betta fish can thrive in just a gallon of water. You can set up a small aquarium on your desk at work, on a counter in your home or even a small dorm room. The Male Halfmoon King Betta doesn’t even need a tank with a filter as long as you clean the tank and replace the water regularly. Another reason that live Betta fish make great pets, is because they are beautiful to look at. Bettas come in a variety of vivid colors and are known for their flowing fins and tails. The Male Halfmoon King Betta is a unique type of Betta. As its name says, this Betta has a tail shaped like a half moon. A King Betta also has a larger body and shorter fins than other types of Bettas. When he perceives a threat, he will flare his fins to look more imposing. Bettas have another special feature that sets them apart from other live fish for sale. The Betta possesses a labyrinth organ that allows it to breathe from the surface. Bettas will regularly swim to the surface of their aquarium to take a gulp of fresh air. Male Bettas may even make little bubbles if water conditions are ideal. When considering a live fish for sale, be aware that Bettas can feel stressed or threatened when living with other fish. It is recommended that Bettas be kept alone in an aquarium with plants and minimal current. Please note that supplies, like an aquarium, food and water conditioner, are sold separately.

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