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Big kids: An aquarium gives kids ages 8 and up the chance to observe and investigate some of the concepts they're learning in school, such as ecosystems and food chains. They're also ready to learn about their own environment, and the trip will help them to understand their place in it and how all things are connected.

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Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) loves support and stories from kids around the world. Kids can make a huge difference in a variety of ways, including stories of how our mission has affected you or your family, school fundraisers, personal fundraisers using our Fundraiser Kit or a Text Donation drive.

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DIY Mini Mason Jar Aquariums are perfect for ocean themed parties or beach weddings. Such a fun craft for kids too! Interactive Elements: Daily opportunities for kids to touch and get their photo taken with juvenile alligators; a climb-on mermaid sculpture; a computer screen that allows kids to design their own aquarium; and an improved touch tank stocked with pettable rays and bamboo sharks.

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Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
Kids will want to head straight for the aquarium's Explore a Shore, an outdoor water park featuring a 24-foot pirate ship with water cannons, a wave tunnel, and a moray-eel balance beam. But the real fun is inside this 200,000-square-foot attraction. It features more than 20,000 aquatic plants and animals, ranging from rare leafy sea dragons from Australia to
gators from Florida's backyard.

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The in Dallas, Texas was entirely designed for kids with easy to understand descriptions, interactive exhibits, and plenty of things sized smaller so children can interact up-close with the animals and exhibits. The entire aquarium takes under two hours to explore, which helps keep kids entertained. You can view a large variety of aquatic species here in any of the numerous exhibits and touch-tanks, including alligators, octopus, eel, and even stingrays in Stingray Bay. The whole family will enjoy walking through this fun, interactive aquarium. provides an educational and creative hands-on experience for kids. In addition to landlubber exhibits like a dino dig, kids can learn more about the ocean at any of the sea-based exhibits at the Imaginarium Aquarium. Here, kids can touch a stingray or horseshoe crab at the Sea-to-See Touch Tank, or view oceanic habitats which feature moray eels, lionfish, and more. Kids can also feed Japanese koi and southern catfish at the Fisheye Lagoon nearby. The Imaginarium is a great place to learn about the world and the creatures within it. With a multitude of hands-on exhibits, you can truly immerse yourself in aquatic ecosystems from all over the world. At the , you can hand-feed sharks, stingrays, crocodiles, birds, and other tropical animals as you gain firsthand knowledge about the animals' habits and behaviors. The aquarium has approximately 8,000 different animals in more than 35 different exhibits, many of which are interactive. A visit to this extensive aquarium is fun for kids as well as parents.
Point Pleasant, NJ
There is more to Point Pleasant Beach and just the sand and waves and rides: there is Jenkinson’s Aquarium! The private Aquarium has sharks, penguins, alligators, seals and plenty of fish to gaze at. There are feedings to watch and even a touch tank where kids can get hands on with the fish. Open year round.