How to Keep Koi Fish in a Pond During Freezing Weather.

Goldfish keepers won’t find their koi much of a bother. Both carp species are big and messy! They have healthy appetites, grow quickly and reach some hefty sizes. Be ready for those cute, big-headed fingerlings to begin growing and growing. Always plan your pond size to accommodate adult fish. The minimum water garden for housing 2 koi needs to be 1,000 gallons and at least 6x8 (roughly 50 square feet of surface area). Use powerful filtration (mechanical to remove particulates, and biological to maintain water quality) that will circulate the pond volume every hour and provide proper oxygenation (fountain, waterfall or oxygen pump).

Scott said that in most cases, when koi keepers are told that the fish are illegal to possess, a simple solution is found.

Koi can live in ice-covered ponds, but will die if the ice cover lasts too long. To prevent a fish-kill, keep a small percentage of the surface ice-free for gases to naturally enter and leave the water. Also, water temperatures below 65°F (18°C) can stress fish, reducing their resistance to disease. Rapid and extreme fluctuations can also cause disease. Use one or more small heaters with thermostats built for the purpose.

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Keeping Koi Fish Indoors The ideal pond size for keeping koi should hold at least 1,000-gallons of water. The very important thing when planning the size of your pond is the depth of water in it. Koi should be kept in at least 3-foot deep water to help your koi find cooler water in the summer and warmer water when it is cold. One thousand gallons of water should provide enough space for five koi fish, if all water parameters are correct.

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One of the most important things to keep in mind is the bottom of your pond should not be covered with . Most koi fish enthusiasts use a completely smooth bottom or fine gravel. This is practical because koi spend most of the time at the bottom of the pond when it is cold.

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If you are interested in keeping ornamental pond fish and want to keep something slightly more exotic than the humble , the beautiful and attractive koi carp may already have caught your eye.So, if you’re wondering whether koi eat other fish and if it’s safe to keep goldfish and koi carp together, this article will answer all of your questions…