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After a year of rising sales selling another company’s fish tank retrofitted with their own filtration system, Alex decided it was time for Jellyfish Art to develop its own tanks. Buying someone else’s tanks was expensive and manually retrofitting each one was a pain.

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A story was carried by Associated Press that received wide play in newspapers and on television concerning the latest pet fad in Japan — the keeping of jellyfish, especially by single Japanese women. I am not sure how widespread this fad actually is in Japan, but when I was there in January, I visited a number of pet shops and saw only one small jellyfish tank on display, and only one other store had a single jellyfish specimen for sale. According to the story, the hypnotic swimming movements of the jellyfish were felt to have a calming effect on their owners.

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Moon Jellyfish for Sale - Jellyfish Tanks for Sale - Eon Jellyfish Aquarium The increase in sales, however, exposed a critical problem in the business that Jellyfish Art struggles with to this day. Alex had succeeded in making an affordable jellyfish tank that people wanted. But where was he going to get a reliable supply of jellyfish to sell?

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Moonjellyfish are one of the most easily obtainablejellyfish for home aquarium owners who wish to expand their area ofexpertise. They are also the easiest jellyfish to keep aliveand healthyin captivity. The concept & design team atJellyfishArt captured livemoon jellyfish from the temperate coastal waters off the coast of . Theythen bred and tank raised PetMoon Jellyfish for Saleto the general public to insure theiryear round availability for the demand created by this new, up andcomingsegment of the home aquarium industry.

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