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The Indianapolis Aquarium is one of the places where and had a date. While at the aquarium, they had a private tour and cocktails. Leslie noticed a fish that reminded her of because, as she put it, "it's just being really withholding".

The Indianapolis Aquarium is one of the places where Leslie Knope and Justin Anderson had a...

The Indianapolis Zoo is located on the riverbank within the White River State Park, one mile (1.6 kilometers) from downtown Indianapolis. The admission price includes entry to the garden and aquarium. The zoo is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays in the cooler months, and on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Café on the Commons is open year-round; there are other places to buy food and drink but they are open only in summer.

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An aquarium construction company on the west side of Indianapolis was heavily damaged in a fire Monday morning. Located in White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Zoo was the first to be accredited as a zoo, an aquarium, and a botanical garden by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the American Association of Museums. The Zoo’s five distinct “biome” environments are home to approximately 230 species of animals and 2,000 varieties of plants and attract more than 1.2 annual visitors.

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If you’re looking for something that isn’t available at your local Indianapolis Petco location, we have endless aisles online featuring every product that our chain has to offer. We have literally thousands of items that can help pet parents keep their aquariums running smoothly, whether you have a 50-gallon tank or a small betta bowl.

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Founded in 1997 Reef Management Services Inc. quickly became the number one provider of aquarium services through out the Indianapolis area. Reef Managements Services now provides services through out the state of Indiana and surrounding areas.Treat your family to a weekend stay at the historic Omni Severin Hotel and a visit to the Indianapolis Zoo or Children's Museum. Located on the banks of the White River, the popular Indy Zoo includes an aquarium and a 3-acre botanical garden. The Children’s Museum has been ranked the top family museum by USA Today readers nationwide and includes a planetarium, a children’s theater and five floors of interactive exhibits that engage all ages in science, arts, history and culture. Our package includes overnight stay with breakfast, tickets to either the Indy Zoo or Children's Museum, "Omni Kids Crew" welcome gift for children and turndown service with milk and cookies.Personal passion about advancing animal conservation, both locally and globally, is a primary job responsibility of every employee at the Indianapolis Zoo. It is the heart of who we are, and a core value of our employees. Nationally accredited as a zoo, a botanical garden, and an aquarium, the Indianapolis Zoo is a national leader in animal conservation, a top tourist destination in the Midwest, and is located in Indy's vibrant downtown. The candidate will be part of a dedicated and exciting team of educational professionals who create experiences to inspire the community to save wild things and wild places.“Mitik has been showing signs of improvement thanks to the dedication and expertise of the Alaska SeaLife Center team, New York Aquarium staff on-site, and the Indianapolis Zoo staff all working together,” said Jon Forrest Dohlin, Wildlife Conservation Society vice president and New York Aquarium director. “He is not out of the woods yet, but we are hopeful he will make a full recovery."