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Hi I recently found the free swimming white worms in my tank and I am a beginner fish keeper and I freaked out when I saw them. I have one male betta fish in my tank and it seems like he likes snacking on them.
However what i am concerned with is whether it is harmful to humans? I did some reading and it said that these worms are nematodes or roundworms? I’m just super worried because sometimes when i clean the tank, i spill or sprinkle a bit of water on my desk (my tank is on my desk) and i just wipe it away with tissue and sometimes I wipe my eyes with the back of my palm after cleaning the tank (without washing hands yet).


I was adised to put some "real" plants in to help with levels in the tank so I put in 2 plants about 2 months ago. Since then I have lost 3 fish (although I have gained some young too) but my problem is that I now seem to be infested with snails!!!


Nov 23, 2016 - So, is my goldfish of 7 years doomed and is going to die? and Will I be able to get rid of the snails out of my tank? I think I have snail infestation. As far as different fish to eat the snail...I've found that it depends not so much on the kind of fish...but the fish's mood. My mother has two clown loaches, who will not touch the snails. If you want to add a fish to eat the snails...go to the pet store, and look for fish tanks that have empty shells in the bottom (as most pet stores are having thier own snail problems...I used to go to pet stores for bags of these snails to feed my freshwater pufferfish).

I have just noticed 4 tiny MTS in my 30 gal

I have used your suggestion about get rid of small snails using loaches. It works well. I bought three clown loaches for my sixty gallons fish tank, the

I found a pond snail in my aquarium, what should I do

I have my tank for 2 months, i went and got me some indian fern floating plants and after three weeks i found a slimmy freaking disgusting snail, now im thinking to giveup on the whole fish tank thing…I have noticed no one has mentioned the use of ‘Assassin Snails’ as method to control these snails. I just bought my first and have some MTS on their way to add to tank. I have 10gallon tank with mixture of ottos, hillstream loach, tetras and rasboras. with mix live and plastic plants and pebbles with some good algae growth. Sand and gravel substrate. I put a cat food pellet (after checking ingedients were safe for tank) and buried it so fish could not get to eat. returned home and their it was the assassin snail snorkel sticking out from sand where i put. If get too many snails then i need to put less food in for fish and perhaps add more assasin snails to clean up!