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Aquarium algae control is one of the most frequently discussed topics by people who have fish tanks. Indeed, the control, removal, and prevention of overgrowing aquarium algae is quite tricky for many fish keepers. To solve the algae problem, we must first understand what it is and how it grows.

Hello and welcome back everyone, today I have posted another series on how to control green hair algae or any other type of algae in a reef aquarium.



Algae in the Planted Tank

Siamensis Algae Eater, Species Sunday

How To Get rid of Algae in the Planted tank. Plecos in the Planted tank

How to Avoid Algae With New Lights In Your Aquarium

Aquarium Algae Tips. I have had to deal with some pretty crazy algae in the greenhouse tanks. Shocker that FULL sunlight would cause algae in some of my tanks. This is the first year I have really been able to harness the use of the sun in aquariums for plant growth. As you can see, the 55 has plants going bonkers in it. The key with Aquarium Algae control is balance. The 75 had a well balanced load in it, until I sold a bunch of plants outta it last week. This greatly reduced that plant load, but I was still getting insane, full sunlight. The hornwort I had in there also had some die off too. So excess waste, plus high light equals algae- NOTE. The 55 has a MUCH higher plantload, so when I do get any waste, the plants convert and remove those NITRATES asap, faster than the algae can consume them, so the tank is more balanced with the nitrifying bacteriaconverting ammonia to Nitrite than Nitrate, which is removed by the plants. Got it? So the higher plant load in the 55 is able to take more light than the 75 because of the lack of the nitrifying bacteria in the 75. (that and there was decaying plant matter, which wasn't helping anything.) Additionally- I run full on passive CO2 in both of these tanks to kick them up a notch with high light. (You can only have so much light before you need either more plants or CO2 to sustain the fast growing plants. Looking forward to seeing some of you all at the ACA this week! Tank On!
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Aquarium Algae Maintenance: Effective Algae Control - Live Aquaria

How to Control Green Algae in Pond Water | Tetra Aquarium - Tetra-Fish 12. Physically remove excess algae. Sometimes, the nuisance algae growth is overwhelming for the herbivores in the reeftank. This is when human hands must physically pull out and scrub the nuisance algae. The herbivores then have a chance to control any new growth. It's quite amazing how quickly the nuisance algae can grow back. One can spend hours removing nuisance algae from a tank, but a week later, the tank must be scrubbed again. But if a reef aquarist physically removes nuisance algae and follows the steps outlined above, nuisance algae outbreaks should come under control. Patience and persistence are required, but the nuisance algae scourge can be controlled if the right steps are taken.

Aquarium Algae Maintenace: Control Algae by Controlling Phosphate

Algae cannot be completely eliminated from the aquarium no matter how big the effort. However, outbreaks can and should be controlled to maintain tank health.

6 Of The Best Ways To Control Algae In A Fish Tank [Guide]