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this is me cleaning my fish tank. I've had quite a few fish tanks in the last couple of years , a 5 gallon, 15 gallon, and now a 45 gallon. I feel comfortable in saying that i know what i'm talking about. This is also a hobby that I don't get to share with most of the people in my life, so I thought that I would give youtube a try. After all, it would have been nice to have someone explain the in's and out's of being a fish keeper. The people that I did try and watch explain it always had super long videos and they went on and on about the chemical, and biological science that take place in a tank and all that stuff... which I now understand, but as a new-bee I could have skipped all the cool confusing science stuff and just gotten to the basics. I'm also one of the few girls that do youtube fish related videos. If anyone would like me to do a tutorial on how I use my python syphon system I would love to make that for you all. Hopefully you will find this video helpful in your quest through the fish tank world. After all it can be hard not knowing what to do after you just bought a fish tank. I will also be doing a video on bringing new fish home, deciding which fish to buy... were to buy them, decorating your tank and why it's important, doing a tank makeover... and thing to consider, what to consider before buying a fish tank, Should you upgrade your tank?, sand vs. gravel, DIY fish tank decorations, what types and breeds of fish to have in your tank. Thank for watching!

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I knew someone who had a very large goldfish in a 5 gallon tank she cleaned daily while removing him to a bucket. No bubbler or filtration either! She had him 12 years that I knew of and refused offers of bigger tanks... what else can you do? I lost touch with her so I don't know how old this fish lived or if he still lives! :-)

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5 WAYS TO KEEP YOUR AQUARIUM SPARKLING CLEAN. How often would I have to clean a 20 gallon fish tank that has a filter and. I have a small 3.5 gallon fish tank with a small filtration system in my classroom with one goldfish in it. There are small rocks at the bottom of the aquarium. I have noticed that over the last couple of weeks (we have had the fish for almost a month now) the water has turned cloudy. I need to know what we can do to make the water sparkling again and to make sure “Fred” is well taken care of. Please advise on what I need to do to make the aquarium shine again and how do I go about cleaning the aquarium. Do I remove the fish from the tank and wash out with distilled water? I need advice. The last thing I want is to come in and have to tell my kids that Fred is dead!

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However, I’m not certain how active danios are. I would go to the fish store and watch the ones you are interested in. If they do a lot of swimming straight ahead, a 5 gallon tank may be too cramped even if you get the small ones. When I picked out my tetras, I watched them and they usually darted 1 or 2 inches and then changed direction. From that I figured that they didn’t need a really wide tank. You can also find small tanks that are extra long, but not very deep or tall. For more active fish, that might be better. Remember, the smaller the tank, the more work you may have to do to keep it clean!

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