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Healthy betta fish swim up to the tank when their owners approach and they are eager to eat and put on a show, and this is the type of behavior you should be advocating for and providing as the caretaker of this beautiful species.

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Dear Christie,
I just got a new veil-tail betta and I have no idea how to take care of one. The last time I had a fish, I was 4 and it was a goldfish. Please explain some things to me! I would also like suggestions for a name. He is maroon in color. Thank you so much.

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The following is a list of what you need for how to care for your betta fish: I think you really love your beta, and want to do the best for it. Your beta tank is way to small, a beta is a big fish, and can.t be happy in such a little space to live. Think, you have to live your life in a space, as litte as a airplane toillet. I'm sad to say it, but in this little tank, it will not live a long time. Just search at google about taking good care of a beta, and you'll find lots of instructions about the size a tank should have. It also needs a filter, to get all its waste out of the water, and keep the water fresh and clean, places to hide, can be rockholes, or high plants, so it feels save. I'm absolutely not judging you, some petstores don't care of they sell proper envirements for the pets, and don't give always the right information, they only think about selling. Others really take care, and give you a really good advise, as they all should do I think. I think your little fellow needs more space, some gravel on the bottom, a few plants, en places to hide. It is a tropical fish, so a heater would be nice, and a filter is really needed. If he gets this, I'm sure, you'll have a happy beta, wich has enough space to show all his beauty, and even is gonna come to you wenn you're near his tank. (sorry for my bad english :-)). Wishing you all the luck and lots of joy with you're betta.

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Surely if you are seeking the answer of ‘how to take care of a betta fish?’ then it is nothing an uphill one. Caring for these fishes is extremely easy and less costly. But to make sure your beta has a longer lifespan take the above points into consideration.


There you have it, the proper care of a betta fish, and how to properly enjoy your new and not-so-easy-to-care-for-and-forget-about-it pet! Just remember that tiny hearts matter, too, any time you think that any fish can live in a bowl and be happy! Following these simple steps your betta should have a happy 2 – 3 years with you. However they than this (sometimes up to 10) if you keep them happy and give them the perfect environment. I feel there is enough information spread across the various Betta fish care guides on this site to help you achieve these longer lifespans.